Charging Station Parking, whats up with the newer Tesla Owners?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by RostHaus, Jan 21, 2019.

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  1. RostHaus

    RostHaus New Member

    I'm in Texas so I expect the occasional ICE car parking in one of the charging spots from time to time. Pretty sure we still don't have any laws on ev parking spots.

    But I've noticed since the Model 3s have started showing up all over the place, they will park in charging station spots they don't use(ie strictly J1772 spots). At first I thought they may have the adapter, but I think I've had it happen 10 times in the last month(3 just this last week), not a single one is ever plugged in.
    I've been finding it really strange, as its never in a very busy parking lot and its typically charging stations that are in the back of lots. Mainly at Blink and Chargepoints

    Disclaimer: I don't dislike Teslas and I think Telsa owners are generally nice, but I'm confused by the thought process of these new owners. Its just getting a little annoying, particularly when Tesla stations are far more common than J1772 stations in my area.

    /end little rant
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