Charging Problem

Discussion in 'Hyundai Ioniq 5' started by CharlesBranch, Apr 16, 2022.

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  1. After reading some of the responses to one of my previous posts I decided to set the DC charging to 80% and leave the home charging (120-volt charger) at 100%, but only let it go to 100% if I had a long trip. Yesterday I took a road trip. Today, when I got home, I stopped at my local Electrify America DC charger to recharge. The charging stopped at 80%--just as I had set it. I then decided to go ahead and charge to 90% since my 120-volt home charger is so slow. When I tried changing it to 90% I kept getting error messages. It would not make the change, and it would not start charging again. When a message with a phone number popped up, I called it. A human picked up pretty quickly, and she told me that the app was undergoing maintenance, and that was why it would not change. She said they hoped to have it fixed sometime today. She also said there was no way to override it.

    To make it worse, when I got home and plugged the 120 volt charger in, the app said "Charger is plugged in 240 volts." And it would not charge at all. 20220416_130932_1000T.jpg I finally unplugged the charger and started it over. This time it started charging, and the app said, "15h 40m left to full charge."

    That was an inconvenience to me, but what if I had previously accidentally set the DC charge to 10 % when I meant to set it to 100%. That would have been a pretty big problem if I were on the road and could not set the level to some value greater than 10%. Is it true that you cannot override the setting in the MyHyundai app? And have others experienced these strange problems?

    Don't get me wrong: After this road trip, I like the Ioniq 5 even better than before. I got a chance to see how the lane-keeping and cruise control worked on narrow hilly roads, and it was great!. The cruise control tries to be too smart for my taste, but I'm getting used to it.
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  3. You can always set the max charge level in the car and it will override what is set in the app.
  4. I must have missed that. Maybe I need to take another read tonight.
  5. Also make sure your 120V charger is set to 12Amp. It's the little button on the back that cycles through the Amp settings.

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