Charging port clicking noise!!

Discussion in 'Tesla' started by poonampandey, Nov 29, 2018.

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  1. poonampandey

    poonampandey New Member

    This is for a Model 3. I know that the charge port behavior was recently updated for winter conditions but i want to make sure that this is how it’s suppose to behave. So this is how it behaves on my car right now:

    When the charge door is closed, you can at all times hear the car clicking away, as if it’s trying to lock but it’s stuck or something.

    When you first open the port, the T is white and is waiting for you to plug the cable in. Normally this is the time it will first unlock the port, but now it seems like it is always unlocked.

    If you plug it in and it is not yet the scheduled charging time, it stays white and unlocked. When it’s time to charge, you can hear it lock and the T turns blue and then green right away.

    When you press the button to remove the charger, it unlocks and the T turns white. After the lid closes, you can hear the lock mechanism still clicking. It does not stop nor does it lock. Before, this is the time it would lock.

    So basically, the lock mechanism keeps making sound at all times when it is not locked, and it no longer locks unless you are actually charging. WTF. Can someone verify that the new update was suppose to make it behave this way or if my shits just bugging?
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  3. baf07

    baf07 New Member

    Do you have v9.42.4, supposedly the latest update, v9.44.2? I’m still on the 9.42, and haven’t noticed it

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