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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Bbeardb, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. Bbeardb

    Bbeardb New Member

    I might have some dumb questions for a short time while I get familiar with my new to me Clarity.

    How is one supposed to check on the charging status? Hondalink seems rather useless. It basically shows me miles and nothing else. Screenshot attached

    Also, when the car is fully charged is it really 100% battery charge or something less, say 90%, to maintain battery longevity. Is there a way to set the charge point?

  2. DucRider

    DucRider Active Member

    I don't check on my charging status, so can't offer a lot of help there. When we had the Fit EV, the key fob would display SOC% if the car was within range. IIRC, the HondaLink app used to as well (but that may also have been with the Fit EV).
    EDIT: Just looked at HondaLink and it shows range, battery%, scheduled charge time, and buttons to "Start Charge" or "Schedule Charge". This is on a Clarity Electric that is plugged in to a L2 EVSE and fully charged. My Android phone says "Taking screenshots not allowed by the app or your organization", so can't attach one.

    Total battery capacity is 17 kWh (311V and 54.6 Ah), of which ~13 kWh is available for use (the EPA test docs indicate 14.485 to 14.601 kWh to recharge a completely depleted battery - typical efficiency is 90%).

    No way to set the charge point.
  3. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member

    Can you try swiping down to display the top part of the HondaLink screen?

    For some reason, I can no longer take a screenshot of my HondaLink screen. The text "Cannot take screenshot" appears at the bottom. I can take screenshots of any other screen, but not HondaLink anymore.

    So I'll tell you that when HondaLink is working, it shows two bar graphs near the top that tell you the EV range above the HV range. Mine shows 42 mi next to a full green bar and "99%" for EV and 163 mi next to a 2/5 full green bar for HV. Under the two green bars I see a plug and the words "Plugged In." Below Plugged In, I see two buttons, "Start Charge" and "Schedule Charge." I don't know why that stuff doesn't appear in your screenshot (or why you can take a screenshot in HondaLink).
  4. Screenshot of mine just now...


    Note: cooler nighttime temps near freezing here in E TN has dropped EV range, which hovered around 50 most of the summer/spring, and we didn’t drive the car yesterday, hence the “Last Updated” on the 1st.
  5. Landshark

    Landshark Active Member

    Honda charging protocol targets a cell voltage of 4.0938. This is considered to be ~90% charge.

    4.2v is considered to be a 100% charge.

    The established protocol should provide a long life for the batteries.
  6. Bbeardb

    Bbeardb New Member

    Thanks everyone. Strangely enough, the Hondalink app pushed a notification to my phone overnight saying it was fully charged, however upon opening the app I could still not see the charge information as you've all described. I've swiped down, uninstalled and reinstalled, and signed out and back in all to no avail. I guess it's good to know it is out there so there is a way. I'd especially like it to get it to work for the pre-conditioning. I'll keep experimenting.
  7. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    Also, Honda Link only shows the increase SOC by intervals of 15%, not in real time. The assumption is that this is to reduce the cellular charges incurred by Honda. And, it appears that it rounds down all numbers. So you will sometimes see a 99% SOC when it’s fully charged and the SOC is actually 99.999...
  8. MarkClarity

    MarkClarity Active Member

    Check out this thread for the same issue and the "battery disconnect" possible solution. link

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