Changing the front seat bottom cushion to something better

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by BeMurda, May 16, 2020.

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    Hi there, I have been thinking about how to make my Canadian Clarity Touring (manual seats) more comfortable. Dealer did not want to replace with a power seat version due to airbag calibration concerns etc. I was wondering though whether it might be possible to remove the bottom cushion, install a different one that is longer with better thigh support etc, and get it reupholstered to look good. Is it possible to remove the lower cushion without messing with the upper part, and reattach something else?

    Either that or I guess I could look at some aftermarket seats, but the side airbag seems to be a big problem in that regard.
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    The front seat bottom is available from a Honda dealer for about $100 ($150 retail). Maybe get one and experiment with your idea? From this diagram, it looks possible to remove/replace just the bottom.

    Edit: I noticed the part I linked to is for the Touring. Use that site to find the base seat cushion..........
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    Any good custom automotive upholstery shop can add or change foam and make a new cover for any seat. There are no airbags in the base cushion.
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  4. Does the Canadian Touring model come with a choice of manual or power seats?

    Power seats were a must have item. The “option” is one of the distinguishing characteristics between the base and touring models here in the States. It is a minor tragedy that the passenger seat does not have the same adjustability as the driver seat.
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    Honda decided optional power seats and standard battery heaters could not co-exist. One might assume Honda was trying to keep the Canadian Clarity's price down, but...
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