Changes coming at Workhorse Trucks

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    Seems as though with the changes in management, third party discussions with GM and new loans, Workhorse Group may be making major changes with their truck line-up.

    - Workhorse Group (WG) seems to have delayed the W-15 range extender hybrid pickup which was to have gone on sale in early 2019 and instead will go into full production of their BEV NGEN commercial van by the end of the year.

    - WG has taken down illustrations of the W-15 chassis and replaced it with one showing what appears to be a change in propulsion from dual traction motors on the front and rear axles to hub motors in each wheel. Take a look at their website and the lack of any mechanical linkage to the wheels, this was replaced by several large orange cables. Also note the very large shock absorbers, probably necessary to handle the extra weight of the hub motors. This change may be the reason the W-15 was delayed to simplify production of all their trucks around hub motors. Photos of their USPS Next Generation Delivery Vehicle also appear to show hub motors at all four wheels.

    - The USPS says they will announce the winner of their $6.3 billion NGDV program as early as this fall. The USPS have been testing prototypes since 2916. WG and GM appear to be optimistic of their chances as this is mentioned in both of their press releases.

    - The W-15 illustration also shows a much larger battery. Their old CEO, Steve Burns said they would offer two versions of the W-15, a range extended hybrid and a pure BEV. The illustration appears to show the latter, although their appears to be something at the front that may be the range extender. WG spokesperson was on YouTube last month saying they have a supplier agreement with BMW for the range extender from the i3 and i8. The last official word from WG was a 1.5 turbo 3 cylinder was going to be used in the W-15, so that implies the l8 REX. There are however, rumours that a different range extender is being considered. Perhaps something from GM.

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