CHAdeMO chargers for M3 drivers

Discussion in 'Model 3' started by electriceddy, Jul 11, 2019.

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    I appreciate the 'heads up' but I find it impractical for my purposes:
    1. At 50 kW it is half the speed of a Tesla SuperCharger for $0.21 vs $0.24 per minute.
    2. Checking availability CHAdeMO on a route to Coffeyville KS (my Mom's home,) I'd rather use an L2 EVSE or NEMA 14-50. For example, I can get an hour charge on a NEMA 14-50 for $1 or $0.017 per minute giving 28-30 miles in that hour.
      • The first CHAdeMO is West of Little Rock AR is too close. To get the maximum 50 kWh, I would have to run the Model 3 battery to less than 50% but then not have enough charge to reach the next CHAdeMO or SuperCharger. It is cheaper to get a "ShorePower" charge or camp out in the Tesla at a Fort Smith RV park and take a nap.
    Now if there were a CCS-1 adapter capable of running at 100 kW or more, I could jump on that.

    Bob Wilson
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    One step at a time, at least for some it may make a difference in superchargerless area's, lots of those in Canada
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    I quite agree! An EV owner really needs to understand what is available for their car and their requirements.

    Bob Wilson
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    It could certainly work out OK for those who live near Webasto charging stations at $19.99 per month for unlimited charging.

    I think there are plenty of folks who will pay for convenience. So even EVgo and Electrify America stations will see some activity if a supercharge is too far away.

    Heck, if just 10% buy the adapter, that's a lot adapters.
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    My son just got one for his M3 (very expensive unfortunatley). The main reason is to be able to use the BC Hydro DC fast chargers (most are free) and more available than the Superchargers (not free for M3s).
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    You're lucky. We only have one, 24x7, free CHAdeMO charger downtown. Any others are as far away as the Athens SuperCharger and open just during business hours or for substantial fee$.

    Bob Wilson
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    I just got one too. Now, I'm waiting for the firmware update.
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    Finally got updated to 2019.24.4 Monday. I tried it out on one of those free DCFC from BC Hydro.. chademo1.jpg greenlots.jpg
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    If you get a chance, could you make a video and post it to YouTube?
    1. Run the SOC down as low as you feel comfortable. Set car to allow 100% charge and take a biology break.
    2. Configure a video recorder for 'time lapse' and monitor the charging and car time stamp.
    3. Charge as high SOC/miles as you feel comfortable . . . after the charge rate drops to 6-10 kW, good enough, but lower is better.
    If you'll share the video URL with me, I'll encode into a spreadsheet for the graph.

    Bob Wilson
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    Initial data using the free, CHAdeMO / CCS-1, fast DC charger in Huntsville. I stopped at 112 minutes because the cell phone battery was below 10%:

    • Use SPACE to toggle run/stop
    • Use "." to forward one frame
    • Use "," to backup one frame
    • Standard Range Plus Model 3: 2019.24.4
    • EVpump: Version 8.9B, firmware 4.7.6, (max 100 A), 30 min segments
    Charge curve:

    I've attached a spreadsheet coded from the video and used to make the charge graph.

    Bob Wilson

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    Picking a common point, the 40 kW charge rate, it an adequate 'equal' point because both SuperCharger and CHAdeMO taper down their charging rate afterwards commanded by the car. Regardless of what went on before, now the car won't let more than 40 kW come in as the battery has achieved the same SOC.
    Since the battery in both cases at 40 kW has achieved the same storage, the cost to get there is the time to reach it times the published rates. But I did not calculate the SuperCharger rate which I'll add:
    • 40 kW @28-29 min - SuperCharger
      • ~17 min Tier 1, $0.26/min (experimentally verified)
      • ~12 min Tier 2, $0.13/min
    • 40 kW @65 min - CHAdeMO (both EVgo and Electrify America have 50 kW CHAdeMO)
      • $0.25/min - Electrify America (some questions about this vs $1 session and $0.21/min)
      • $0.35/min - EVgo
    So this is what I would expect to pay to reach 40 kW charge rate and similar battery SOC:
    • $5.98 = $4.42 + $1.56 :: SuperCharger
    • $16.25 :: Electrify America
    • $22.75 :: EVgo
    Bob Wilson
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    Driving ~100 mi at night with the charge limited to 150 mi (62%), charging costs:
    • ~$5 - Tesla SuperCharger
    • ~$10 - CHAdeMO at Electrify America
    • ~$15 - CHAdeMO at EVgo

    CHAdeMO at Electrify America

    With 150 mi (62%) on the battery, I drove to the Nashville TN, Electrify America station:

    The first step is to hold the adapter up and connect the CHAdeMO plug. Last summer the card reader at Manchester was dodgy. Before leaving, I downloaded the Electrify America APP and it connected and started the charging session. So here is the receipt:

    Thank you for charging with Electrify America.

    Assistance: 1-833-632-2778

    08/04/2019 11:07:54PM
    Willowbrook Commons
    61 East Thompson Lane
    Nashville, Tennessee 37211
    Charger #100208-01
    Connector #2

    Total paid: $9.96

    Session ID: 37236
    Transaction ID:

    Charging: $9.12
    ($1.00/Session + $0.21/Minute)
    Discount: $0.00
    Idling: $0.00 ($0.40/min)
    Sales tax (9.250%): $0.84

    End state of charge: 61%
    Energy delivered: 29.4 kWh
    Max charging rate: 48.75 kW
    Charging time: 00:38:39
    Grace period: 00:45 min
    Paid idle time: 00:00​

    It appears the Electrify America station has a higher peak charge rate than the EVgo, EVpump, 40 kW.

    CHAdeMO at EVgo

    This trip was via Beechgrove, TN to get the miles:
    The starting and ending altitudes were about the same. Also, we had to deal with construction and entering an urban area street speeds.

    After wiring the adapter to the CHAdeMO, I used their App to start the session:

    Session Id 5392571
    Account Number ******
    Member Wilson, Robert
    Start Date 08/05/2019 01:04:38
    Stop Date 08/05/2019 01:50:08
    Start Card 41294372
    Stop Card 41294372
    Total Cost $15.75
    Total Energy 27.010
    Total Duration 00:45:30
    Charger JOSH, CHAdeMO​

    The "pay as you go" plan has a time limit of 45 minutes. Just as the charging was ending, the timer expired but I had enough charge to reach the SuperCharger at Athens AL.

    SuperCharger at Athens

    The trip home was shorter but the ending elevation was higher than the Nashville start:

    Here is the SuperCharger receipt:


    • SuperCharger is the fastest and most affordable. Use it to save time and money.
    • CHAdeMO Electrify America is twice the SuperCharer cost and longer, 28 min vs 18. Use it if no SuperCharger around or you need a biology break found near the Electrify America station.
    • CHAdeMO EVgo is three times the SuperCharger cost and can stop prematurely due to the 45 min limit. Still, it can give a 150 mi battery charge versus any L2 charger.
    Bob Wilson
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    Thanks for the hard work, Bob.
    What a nightmare. 3:1 ratio on charging costs and only able to discern it after charging.
    Imagine if you drove up to a gas pump and could not know if you were paying $3 per gallon or $9 per gallon until after you pumped the gas.
    I suspect (and hope) that soon everyone will have to start selling by the kWh so we can compare charge costs.

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