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Discussion in 'MINI Cooper SE' started by Jim In Tucson, Jul 21, 2021.

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  1. Jim In Tucson

    Jim In Tucson Member

    Has anyone found a really good mounting solution for a cell phone that keeps it in a fairly easy to view location? Prefer no drilling, no duct tape, no screws, etc.
    I have an iPhone XS Max.

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  3. https://www.proclipusa.com/product/855682-center-mount

    This fits all of your criteria except maybe the no duct tape rule. It does have an adhesive that sticks to the inside lip of the center console ring. I have yet to remove it from my Mini (I just installed it!) but I have removed the adhesive from past cars Proclip mounts and they use a fairly good quality 3M adhesive that just balls up and leaves no residue.

    If you are very careful when you install these mounts, they remove cleanly. I've used Proclip mounts on my last 4 cars and they seem to be the best, although pricey since you have to buy the phone and car mount separately.
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  4. Jim In Tucson

    Jim In Tucson Member

    Thanks for all the good ideas. I would prefer something that is not ‘permanently’ installed. I was thinking suction cup on the windshield type or the cup holder type. But I don’t like to give up a cup holder either. Driving makes me thirsty!

    Has anyone had any expierence with a windshield mount?

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  5. hanyoung99

    hanyoung99 New Member

    Hi Jim! Thanks for giving the Mini flash at my wife - she was so excited. I told her I might have to take the car back if she doesn't respond in kind :)

    I can't speak for the mini but I've used many mounts in the past. Even the heavy duty suction cup mounts (with the clamp) fail when attached to the windshield. THey will last for a couple of months, then they drop and you have to use hot water to reapply. The heat is just too much here.

    The vent clips have broken off in the past as phones get bigger and heavier. In my audi I had one that would fit into the CD slot that I loved, but there is no such option on the Mini. I've also heard great things about pro clips, but understand your hesitation. On amazon I found this - maybe it will work out for you? It is on the dash so it's not fighting gravity.

    There are also some mounts that incorporate wireless charging. I've never looked into them as my phone also is my wallet w 3 credit cards, and I don't want magnetic fields near them. Good luck!
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  7. Lainey

    Lainey Well-Known Member

    This is my choice if you want it! 100% Easy to install, easy to remove. I had it in my old Mini for 4+ years. That tape did not stick permanently to my car at all. You actually don't need it on this one though really. The clipping into place did the job.
  8. Jim In Tucson

    Jim In Tucson Member

    We need to get our MINI’s together for a photo shoot sometime!!!

    Right now I’m leaning toward the cup holder phone mount with wireless charging. More to follow…

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  9. atlsk8r

    atlsk8r Member

    Yeah, I have an iPhone 12, so just ordered this to accommodate a MagSafe wireless charger (ordered separately, but will give me 15W wireless charging with the 20W USB adapter that comes with the Mount). Since the car wireless CarPlay, I don’t really need a clear view of the phone. I was using a MagSafe charger resting under the arm rest, but didn’t like it flopping around. Hate to lose a cup holder, though.

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