CEl = Multiple Open Campaign/Recalls

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by D. Red, Oct 26, 2018.

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  1. D. Red

    D. Red New Member

    I've had my Clarity for about month. I live in an apartment, so I've been using public chargers since. Didn't have any issues until yesterday. After plugging in the charger, it stopped popped up a CEL. I started my car and it showed the, "POWER SYSTEM - Plug-in Charging System Problem. Range Limited" message.

    Brought into the dealership this morning, service advisor stated the plug issue is due to public charging stations, fluctuations in the power, common problem with no patch yet.

    He still brought the car in and check the CEL, and it came back with the following:

    18-089: 6SV00, PHEV Abnormal Water Temperature Reading PUD
    18-091: 6PH00, Range Display Incorrect PUD
    18-090: 6VT00, EVTC Failure Misdirection PUD
    18-096: 6CW00, Emissions Warranty CD Product Update

    This is the first he has seen these. Had to leave the car for today.

    Anyone else get the same codes?
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  3. petteyg359

    petteyg359 Well-Known Member

    Those are standard service bulletins that AFAIK apply to nearly every Clarity.
  4. Mike Phev

    Mike Phev New Member

    Did you get the service bulletin 18-097 update? I had the same issue with public charging as you and 18-097 fixed it for me (and others as well).
  5. lanb

    lanb Active Member

    Got the dreaded "POWER SYSTEM - Plug-in Charging System Problem. Range Limited" message today.

    Have had the car for 3 months and this is the first time the error happened.
    Same work chargers (Aerovironment) that I have been using for the
    past 3 months but clarity didn't like it today :(.

    I guess I need to get the 18-097 update.
  6. lanb

    lanb Active Member

    As a followup to this -

    1) When the "power system" error happened, did anyone else get the engine light continue to stay on ?
    Mine stayed on for 1 more trip but then went off after a successful charge.

    2) How long does it take to apply the SB-18-097 ?

    3) Lastly, what other SB's are current and recommended as of Dec 2018 other than 18-091 (range fix) and 18-097 (charge fix) ?
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2018
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  8. Johngalt6146

    Johngalt6146 Active Member

    I took my Clarity to a nearby dealer for its 1 year A0 service. Since I had only about 3900 miles on it (about 85% on EV), all it needed was oil/filter change ($48) and product updates. In case anyone is interested, here are the product update results:

    18-090 (PCM Software) DONE
    18-091 (Meter Software) DONE - Now reads 357 mile gas range
    18-089 (Replace Climate Control Unit) - NOT DONE; PART BACK-ORDERED
    18-096 ( Insert the Owners information CD in S/B) - NOT DONE; PART BACK-ORDERED

    Lesson I learned: If getting to the shop is inconvenient, make sure they have all the predicted parts available for your appointment.
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  9. ICanBreakIt

    ICanBreakIt New Member

    Does every 2018 PHEV Clarity need the climate control unit replaced if it has never been done or is it only certain one's?
  10. Boston_Pilot

    Boston_Pilot Active Member

    I believe it’s only a service bulletin, so no, not mandatory.

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