Casting off the US Fossil Fuel Coup

Discussion in 'Energy' started by 101101, Nov 22, 2018.

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    Casting off the US fossil fuel coup

    TLDR: The OPEC embargo was an attempted coup on the USG by fossil fuel interests and it led to the fall of Nixon. Carter partially remediated the damage done by the coup with a quiet ban on US fossil fuel profits that lasted a decade but fossil fuel interests succeeded in denying him a second term through their Iran Contra false flag and the installation of Regan. 911 was a fossil fuel coup of the USG that was partially successful, it had actually started with the first Iraq war but post 911 quickly set up a predictable economic collapse. Under Obama this coup was partially remediated. By the time of the Parris Accord the world had decided, with essentially no hold outs that it was done with the slavery agenda of the fossil fuel contingent and done with their power and their money. The peoples of the world had literally decided that this fossil fuel contingent was not going to be allowed to rule the world. The Trump admin has been a resistance to this attempt to overthrow fossil fuel power and money and an attempt to get back to the neocon agenda of the W. admin which makes the Middle East the center of the world- it has never been a pro US agenda its much more pro Texas Energy Sector and pro Mid East agenda. A 3rd dynastic regime after the Kennedys and Bushes (anathema to everything the US was founded on) of Clinton's literally under Hillary would not have led to a different course but possibly accelerated it with a war of aggression in Iran- she was indistinguishable from Romney by the time she ran the 2nd time. A Sanders Administration would have helped accelerate the restoration begun by Obama. Julian Assange is the greatest Civil Rights leader since MLK and fossil fuels are about a right of exploitation (what Jefferson Davis wanted from Lincoln) or legal slavery pure and simple, they cannot continue to exist without this and this will never be granted!


    I am going to try to find a common theme behind 8 decades of US headlines. Overall this should be somewhat coherent but too stream of consciousness for many and there will of course be errors because the headlines are generally propaganda and all I am doing is attempting to read between the lines on some of the grossest headlines. The mechanisms of control are known to us Culture-Religion-Bullets (including coups)- Propaganda(lies and censorship- captured media)- Butter (incentives)- Law (and its corruption)- Software (what tax and money amount to now)-Tax (of which money is a specialized case)- Money (fed banks-fiat currency- pegging currency to petrol- reserve currency games- new crypto currencies)- clocks. I am going to attempt to show that petrol oligarchs have been trying to take over the US democracy for 5 decades and while they may think they succeeded with Trump (e.g. Tilerson was proposing linking Social Security to a carbon tax) are actually in the process of being deposed- republics die hard. Some might try to say this issue went back to the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 but I think this petrarchy would just be a faction of that group, the bankers and petrarchy may have aims that have often aligned as in increase debt so we can get more interest (money on money for the sake of money- think of W's dropping of the usury laws) but their aims aren't identical and I think they may be more at odds than before because petrol is failing as a means of rent seeking.

    8 decades ago the US was drew itself into WWII by cutting off Japan's oil supply. Then go to the Kennedys with the first attempt at a dynasty and the assassinations and scandals that followed, JFK did try to go after the Reserve. Then go to Nixon where the Powel Memo was issued and the real corruption of US law started. Under Nixon the assault on the Fairness Doctrine was begun with the sponsoring of PBS and by Regan's 2nd term it would be complete. But also the full bribery based elections were started with an assault on the Federal Elections Campaign Act under Nixon. Under Ford Buckley v. Valejo would complete bribery based politics or rather it would be completed with the help of the corruption of Clarence Thomas under Citizens V. United. But digressing to Nixon this was the first real coup attempt by fossil fuel interests against the USG with the OPEC embargo remember who the two central foreign players were in that but in the US it appeared to be a coup which is likely the real reason Nixon was tossed out- people were facing 3 hour gas lines etc. It was the beginning of understanding what was to come e.g. Texas with its model capital building. It was during that time that the US was installing Saddam Hussein in Iraq to try to control its oil- a parallel prior move was the overthrow of Mossadegh by Britain and the US in Iran because it had attempted to control its oil under a democracy. Carter had apparently learned the truth of OPEC embargo (a fossil fuels coup in the US) and quietly banned fossil fuel profits which lasted for a decade until Regan could finally override it.
    Carter was tossed out with the Iran Contra affair a US false flag where US hostages were taken in Iran and strangely enough a rescue attempt failed due to fossil fuel powered helicopters carrying US troops crashing in the desert.

    Then came the Bushes and the successive attempts at political dynasty where Obama despite apparently being a cousin of Dick Cheny was supposedly an outsider. But notice the pattern under petrarchy the US sets up dictator dynasties in places where it wanted to control fossil fuels but then that same pattern under the US fossil fuel coup came home. George H. W. Bush had been a CIA don and then would go on after being VP and then President for a term to try to install two of his sons on a fossil fuel throne in the US. The headlines say that Bush's companies were sideways drilling and drinking Iraq's "milk shake" this was supposedly used to provoke Saddam Hussein into invading Kuwait. We could see part of why this was done in that Texas had apparently dried up- they may have wanted to put Iraqs oil in empty holes in Texas but also because in the ensuing decade where the US was sort of cock blocked on Iraq's oil the fossil fuel industry despite a flat CAFE showed a 16% decline in its fossil fuel retail stations- due to inherent aggregate inefficiency fossil fuel economies are always imploding and needing to be rescued at greater and greater cost and risk- they drive instability. Also during that period (90s) there was a general unwillingness on the part of the Clintons to engage in fossil fuel bailout wars aside from the Balkans and Hattie. But as we Bill Clinton or some other force (outside of popular politics) would try to install his wife as president and as we know because of total corruption and the reversal of an election loss by a corrupt court the elder president Bush would succeed in the selection of his son as an installment with watermelons and all tossed at that son by the people on the idiotic coronation day. And then after two terms of the W. Texas energy sector regime there would be an attempts to coronate another of the Bush sons.

    But why was US petrarchy cock blocked in Iraq the first time? Guessing that based on how the US retaliated with a bunker buster against a bunker holding the families of Mid East elites right after the cock blocking that it was the result of being threatened Wikileaks style with a document dump and that bunker bust attack was meant to so the seeds of discord that would allow for a second attempt provided George H. W. who was dumped (over the useless war not the taxes) with the help of petrarchy could gerrymander enough and corrupt a court enough to install his son and possibly claim to be attacked by Saddam (think a CIA don would put himself in that position?) and pull off a false flag collapse of buildings (that were asbestos laden anyway and had to come down anyway) with a few thousand American deaths (it could have been 30x that amount- but likely they wanted more limited inquiry) and call the UN irrelevant and claim there were WMDs in Iraq (while getting away with exposing US operatives)- if all that unmitigated corruption along with the piece of **** patriot act marshal law corruption could be accomplished which would entail an unprecedented amount of gag ordering they could actually steal Iraq's oil.
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  3. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    In the meantime in order to have Clinton's wife ingratiate herself to the US petrarchy (petrol monarchy) family during W's reign she was furiously peddling the Miller Light of fossil fuels for Cheney around the globe. Oh and of course there had to be "secret energy policy" to cover all this idiotic bs. So we see the irony when Hillary remarked that the Republican's had a plantation mentality. You see when the solution of Keynes scarcity problem came in 1970 (his predicted end of capitalism- with labor and by extension capital being obsolete under automation) vice 2070 they would naturally reach for the first mechanism of control and try to revert back to feudalism (petrarchy.) Actual formal but by then illegal slavery had only ended in 1950 in the US in the South only 20 years prior to 1970 but about a century after it had been declared illegal under the outcome of the civil war.

    By 1950 the inherent aggregate inefficiency of fossil fuels make them highly suspect (hence the peak oil suppositions that were later used to support a DeBeers type diamond scam- running out of oil justifies high costs type BS- petrol is not supply constrained its like a toxic renewable, its permanently economy constrained as the tech needed to make it efficient would obviate it- abiogenic petrolium genesis apparently the best explanation under new accepted theory of thorium decay vulcanism ) But digressing by the time of the peek oil hypothesis the nuclear alternative had arrived. Fossil fuels were suspect by the early 1950s because for the 80 years prior every year they required more and more public money and were never in the black. By 1970 it was understood that fossil fuels with their inherent scarcity inducing mechanism could reintroduce the old order of slavery (new world order) in the post scarcity era that is it could help capitalism fake it a while longer. Of course it needed some help and during Nixon wages were delinked from inflation and the civil rights leaders were killed off and during Regan the Unions were broken and citizen debt increased and during Bush higher education was defunded, these really are idiot oppressors and this really has been the acting out of their paranoid conspiracy. They can't understand why when they do stuff like Co Intel Pro or put lead in the gasoline why they get things like the LA riots. But they are also thieves so to hide their thieving they hide behind the market religionism, their thieving puts their paranoia into perspective- you can't for instance during W steal all the private pensions for fossil fuel hostage taking and think there won't be blow back.

    But of course nothing could save the aggregate in-efficiency of petrol from itself. So digressing to W. also in his first term the Enron scam was foisted on California to remove Grey Davis- a Governor that wouldn't just rubber stamp laws written by scam organizations like ALEC. By his second term the fraudulent generally blinded insurance of stranded petrol assets had popped as the derivatives scam imploded. It was blamed on the welfare state and trying to help poor people they were baited with VARs trying to hedge or cushion the derivative Ponzi scam with a fake basis for growth and a scape goat. Remember Greenspan with his idea that the common person should never be allowed to get too comfortable- they might not want to shine shoes.

    Immediately after W. Hillary was defeated (despite Obama's worse health care plans) and by 2011 Obama learned as did people like Richard David Steel presumably the whole upper echelon of Federal government the whole truth about 911- something obvious to every head of state on the planet from the moment of 911 where buildings went down in a controlled demolition fashion after being announced that they would go down in that fashion (on accident by the corrupt BBC) and where relatively new buildings that weren't hit went down and where 2 trillion went missing from the treasury and where SEC and FBI docs on cases in progress presumably against fossil fuel criminals were destroyed and where shorts and people connected to the Bushes made a bunch of money on 911 and would make more money on Enron. And contract fast forward to the Trump admin where in the UK Jeremy Corbyn would get his first attempt at prosecuting Tony Blair as a war criminal (something at awaits Bush and Cheny and the neocons if progress comes quickly enough- it can still be done post humously) and come very close for the UK's involvement in the 911 fraud. But what Obama and the rest of the upper level USG players discovered is that right side petrarchy players and democrats in name only conspired with two Mid Eastern states to attempt the US petrol coup in 911. Richard David Steel USG insider and US presidential candidate documented all of this- almost in the tradition of William Cooper. Surely with 911 they were also trying to regain the cash they had lost on their profit embargo under Carter in the aftermath of their first coup attempt. The USG has had 2 experiences now with their attempted coups- they aren't just an aspiring oligarchic faction they've been trying to take over and create hereditary rule- you can see that even in some the stuff Trump has tried with relatives and cronies and you can see that type of stuff with the way ALEC functions. So Obama distanced the US from those two Mid East nations and began to pursue the end and overthrow of petrarchy by unleashing tepid pedestrian green tech that would terminate this biggest scam in US history (ton of suppressed over unity stuff in the closet suppressed under fossil fuel protection laws that were enacted in the 1950s when fossil fuel BS was previously threated by fission- again these people are nothing but toll road style welfare baron rent seekers.) Obama took this pedestrian step because the corruption under Bush and the TARP and the secret sequestration of budgets (more proof of trying to cover the theft like the secret energy policy- they are trying to hide the amount of useless petrol subsidies) was too much and it was Civil right part II because it brought us predictably to the point of collapse and true civil strife.

    By the time it was time for Hillary to run again (outrageous in its own right) she had had a knock on the head and was fully robotic and apparently captured by those two Mid East states. She was allowed to say nothing progressive and promise nothing progressive especially not on taxes or energy policy. She clearly cheated in the elections as Wikileaks would show- she did not win the primaries- very clear as her rallies weren't even attended where Bernies were jammed way beyond anything Trump had, she was selected in the primaries as a DINO sell out, just as selected as Bush. People like Paul Krugman sold out. We were hanging by a thread, if Trump and debated Bernie we wouldn't have had either the hand grenade or the shill. Hillary was so captured she couldn't even get Bernie to run with her. She sounded exactly like Romney her clear focus was war in Iran to make petrol look like it was still worth something worth risking the world over with nuclear war with Russia a pure neo con shill. Remember that Netanyahu had come to the US and humiliated Obama standing before the US Congress getting a reception as if he were the president of the US (hook in the nose of the US)- takes a sponsor captured corrupted congress to have that and there were something like 4 ridiculous attempts on Obama's life and his hair went grey. But he still signed off on stuff like NDA riders that would allow the US military to disappear US citizens on US soil without a paper trail- would that have included him(?) And clearly he already knew that petrachy was Civil Rights part II. General Kelly, Trumps Chief of Staff would confirm that when he tried to assert that compromise with the South (Jefferson Davis's right of exploitation which he tried to get from Lincoln) or slavery would have prevented the war- this would have been compromise of genocide and murder- this is what is needed to allow fossil fuel externalities and rent seeking and breaking of climate accords- not going to happen so fossil fuels are civil rights part II because American Citizens are not the property of Texas oil oligarchs or the new south (new world order.)
  4. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    continued- So we come to Jullian Assange the most important Civil Rights leader since Martin Luther King.
    Assange had exposed the W. regime in its wars of aggression the greatest human rights crime under Nuremberg when for instance with full back to base conversations captured on film of US gunship pilots chasing and gunning down EU journalists in the streets of Iraq. But what is that gals the US police state so much about Wikileaks post installation of the US regimes? Wikileaks if it had been around could have cancelled the idiotic Iraq wars both of them. It also gals them that they can't take people's rights away because they are apt to get caught and be held accountable- they hate transparency. You see they lose their privilege, they are no longer above the law, they can't commit crimes with impunity, they can't always win, they lose their get out of jail free card. The descend into the citizenry their mediocrity loses the protection of technocrats they aren't the anointed anymore and in losing control of the narrative can be subject to the court of public opinion the way Kavanagh and Simpson were and the way Trump is subjecting there whole ilk to public judgment with is persona. The police state runs on unsustainable secrecy and that secrecy is used to strip people of their privacy so that things said in private either aren't said or can be used to discredit people out of context but in essence people lose their voice because they lose a practical means to exercise their voices and once silenced with verbal atrophy they lose their rights and become property because they lack any means of defense. This is what Hillary wanted, she has been ultra pushy about about the US police state stuff spying on US citizens and lack of free speech and in particular she wanted Julian Assange a citizen of two other countries not subject to US law (at a time when the US dropped its alien tort laws- hypocrisy to high heaven) extradited to the US to stand trial as an enemy combatant terrorist and sure enough secret law and secret trial type corruption has issued a secret indictment. So she wanted Assange to face execution for allegedly revealing US secrets that compromised not US corruption and criminality of which the people have an absolute need and right to to know about but that the sponsor captured media prevents them from knowing about. Not that no, but the claim that the lives of operatives (didn't Trump just pardon Libby and what of Cheny?) were placed at risk and this claim when Wikileaks generally would vet things through the bought and paid for sponsored media (why!!) and this when Hillary had forgone using the US severs (smart after Petreus went down for that and after the NSA hacker team revelations) but where putting US secrets at risk was such a trivial thing when it came from her but required the death of the person work on behalf of people everywhere to expose corruption including her own. Think of the police state hypocrisy- remember although such a state strips you of its privacy it can never keep its secrets and always collapses in scandal and paranoia (as in those who would trade liberty for security deserve neither.) Just go through all the Shakespearian tragedies to see it. But it seems Hillary did in fact lose the secrets because apparently as we learned through Wikileaks not only did she cheat in the primaries (so despite beating Trump by the 4th largest margin in history she would have been removed anway) her 7-8k emails were copied to NSA servers (and could have been open to anyone with the hacker team back doors) which with the help of Kim Dot Com were released to the electoral college and she was defeated- presumably because the emails showed her agenda was the necon war with Iran agenda that brought us the collapse and put us at risk for WWIII over something as obsolete and useless as fossil fuels and the petrol dollar scam. Just think of the hacker team stuff- nothing may have been lost. Their stupid money oriented mentality outsourced their junk to private contractor that apparently left the door open to the highest bidder- this is what government based on bribery gets you. The same kind of idiot reasoning and logic make it credible that the UK assassinated Alan Turing, secrecy leads to spying leads to the kind of treatment Turing got. But despite the late Obama term spike in taxes on the billionaire class (not remotely adequate a tax on their abuse of what is in fact OPM) she wouldn't even raise taxes on wealthy by more than .5% and she publically insisted it was her right to be bribed by bankers in private to screw over the US people- same bankers that had just done that royally and escaped any consequence. Pure Marie Antoinette attitude. And her campaign logo had what appeared to be two trade center towers as the pillars of the H in her name and a red arrow to the right signifying she would go right of Obama who was right of Reagan- unless I am all wrong- if she were in anyway progressive I would have interpreted it as that fossil fuel coup took us ultra right (the bs center in the is country is far, far to the right) and she would address it, but by her acts she wanted to go way right of Regan. She was the worst example of DINO imaginable and her agenda seemed to be Romney's which was the agenda of the people who brought us 911. Would we have had John Bolton back with her too?

    So now here they go after Julian Assange again hoping to stir up the bee hive again. Their glass houses are built of servers and the serverless world that will come after will be worse for them. The US has made 50 million secrecy orders (classification order- defacto gag orders) since Trump- it only needs this when its not following its own laws and is slipping deeper and deeper into corruption. What Assange is doing is about law enforcement and its part of what is needed to depose petrarchy which is simply about turning people (99% of the US population and populations elsewhere) into property and over throwing democracy- fools think people can vote themselves a share of the wealth under democracy but that is the point of democracy to not become property over wealth especially in the face of automation and databases. And under Trump the tariff supposedly to protect the poor and middle class are actually to protect petrarchy despite it flying in the face of the idiotic market religionism of globalism which played out once before and brought us WWI- these tariffs are another defacto bailout of petrarchy just like the 07 Bush round of austerity and TARP was. And the open season on petrol externalities and attempts at overturning environmental laws and pull out of Perris and claiming the US can't afford (due to financial hostage taking and losses for a useless class of fossil fuel oligarchs thieves) to go green when it cannot afford not to green and where it is suicidal attempts to blow the Celsius limits for everyone- more petrol BS in the face of a global public that has announced its intent to end fossil fuels for the corruption and criminality as much as the damage and existential risk.

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