CAs New Diesel Truck is Incredibly Weak

Discussion in 'Energy' started by 101101, Jun 28, 2020.

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    First Mary Nichols called diesel trucks the work horses of the economy. That's just wrong- they are defective tech that has to be replaced as fast as humanly possible. Their plan is to have a 15% reduction in diesel trucks in the state by 2035. The plan needs to be a 100% reduction by 2030. Utterly pathetic. The front part sounds good where every manufacturer has to switch to electric trucks in the state by 2024 but that sounds like the same stupid game of they build one token compliance vehicle and then carrying with polluting and poisoning as usual and not paying for their non-competitive tech's externaliteis. That is just wrong. Very lucky there is Tesla and the only serious electric semi. Rule needs to be much stronger in particular forbidding the FCV 'natura'l toxic gas scam.

    CA still isn't serious. Its like the myth of surplus renewable nonsense. If in the middle of the day 100% of consumption isn't coming from renewables than there is no surplus! What is happening is these ridiculous fraudulent fossil fuel power purchase contracts are being written and allowed to play out instead of being voided- we are past the point where fossil fuels can ever again compete on cost again and so these contracts are just simple fraud and should be voided where they occur with DA follow up. What should be happening even if it puts some amount of future investment at risk is the CA government should be voiding the fossil fuel contracts and usage and retroactively fixing old contracts even if it weakens the power of contract as a convention. Use the police power. They were stupid investments done for instance under the Enron scam where Davis was coerced to lock in ridiculous rates for natural gas. Void that utter junk!!! We have surplus over priced fossil fuel production but we never, ever, ever, never have renewable surplus unless the fossil fuel usage in the state or grid conjoined states went to ZERO! Gas plants during the middle of the day should be shut down or be sending their excess production into the ground before any renewable energy is wasted, it should never be happening to renewables no matter what the cost or consequence to the unneeded fossil fuel investors. It is very simple. Same thing here, just start to tax them for diesel use and tell them they won't be able to use diesels in the state after 2025 so that it is certain by 2030 there are no stragglers and charge them a fee at the border if they try to bring diesel in and use that fee by law only for green energy projects and clean water.

    Same with NEMS these utilities have to be made to buy the power from customer roof tops at cost not discounting it even it it forces them to run at cost forfeiting all profit, if a utility wants to get around this then they should have to be 100% renewable. We have to get around the idea that return on equity for these fossil fuel invested investors means anything at all. They made incredibly stupid (lately really criminal- waiting for the law to catch up) 'investments' and they need to eat the costs. So zero out their profits, the public interest is what matters here and the much higher interest is going green and they got endless warnings.
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    Can't change thread title after the fact but title should be: CA's new Diesel Truck rule is incredibly weak!
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    Workhorse is probably an apt name for them.

    Just like the horse and carriage, they'll be replaced in a decade when a better solution arrives.
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    While I am an EV enthusiast I think the ICE will be the choice for hauling heavy goods over long distances for some time to come. Why do people have to set themselves up in one camp or the other? Use the technology which is best for the job. EVs absolutely mop up ICE vehicles for stop and go city driving and commuting. For the life of me I don't know why manufacturers aren't building and promoting electric trucks for local delivery and service business applications.

    City use is very bad for ICE vehicles anyhow as the engines often don't get warmed up enough to boil the condensate out of the oil and exhaust system. The wear and tear on the brakes is significant. Also, getting ICE vehicles out of cities would do wonders for reducing air and sound pollution.

    Long haul heavy load highway use is still a problem for fully electric vehicles. Although I'd love to see it I don't think EVs will take over this job in my lifetime.
    I'd love to be wrong.
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    The trucking industry is run on a total cost of ownership model.

    Electric trucks will offer sufficient cost reductions, that the only barrier to domination will be manufacturing capacity.

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