Captured media's narrative that Tesla will run out of something is nonsense.

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Jul 3, 2018.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    First there won't be enough lithium and then not enough cobalt, now its tariffs and after meeting a production goal it is that the goal is not sustainable or Tesla won't be able to make enough widgets. It is as dumb as saying Apple won't be able to make more iPhones- the difference between a Tesla car and an iphone amounts to rubber or tires. Its like claiming that Tesla will run out of sand for silcon. This is petrol captured media's attempt to deny Tesla capital through bad mouthing and attempting to manipulate the stock price down. The newest manipulations were timed but irrelevant as the firm going profitable means it won't need these markets and their toy will break.

    The "limited" narrative against green energy is something petrol constantly tries to use. And yet China is completing a solar plant now in Tibet where a 150 of those plants would replace all forms of energy in the US including residential, transport, industrial and heating. All China has to do to win any trade conflict is to target petrol which it is doing with going green- result is inevitable as world including the EU and China will not change its mind on moving away from slavery (petrol.)

    Still think there is a pump and dump strategy by petrol where it slowly acquires the Tesla stock and then dumps it at strategic times. I also think they do this to try to prop up their useless shills, like the shill they've rolled out at CFRA. The stock is supposed to fall because a shill pronounced it trying to give the impression that people take these shill seriously- again if the firm behind it has derivatives (insuring petrol junk assets) it is just telling out of self-interest in a total conflict of interest because as Tesla rises it goes under with imploding derivatives. So think some of that pump and dump just played out as an attempt to demoralize and protect the short idiocy as petrol is a speculator in the energy markets- really someone shorting Tesla is betting against their own survival or is malevolent or both- some of the dumbest people on the planet including Chanos are apparently involved in this- and they just keep losing money what have they lost so far 15 billion shorting Tesla? Also, suspect the US stock market is rigged to an extent. There is definitely precedent in Japan- don't think its market ever ceased being rigged and you can see some of the rigging in the performance of Robert Mercer's hedge fund Renaissance Technologies- defying gravity is a sign of rigging and if even one firm can perform like that then whole market or system of markets is rigged implying that there is at least a plurality of rigged markets. And rigging the markets has always been the goal of speculators.

    Then there is Trump, he is in the pocket of petrol it seems also has ties to Mercer through the election and its manipulation- lots of things can be rigged with the right expertise and lack of ethics. Petrol apparently doesn't want the useless shorts getting completely smashed even though it is inevitable it is petrol's money mostly because only petrol is that short sighted. And of course as above there is totally corrupt captured media like the LA Times trying to imply with its headlines that Federal credits run out immediately for Tesla and consistently implying that the credits are over important to Tesla when neither condition is true- wondering if such head lines are in part targeting or triggering automated trading platforms that read headlines and trade instantly without much oversight(?)

    Finally there is the boxing in strategy, they can't claim all their market wisdom nonsense when the market values Tesla higher than GM because that is saying the market knows petrol is already dead. But Tesla is worth millions of times what GM is because GM is a net negative for the future of humanity and life on the planet whereas Tesla is a huge positive. Let see what they do when Tesla has a higher value than Exxon.

    So idiot media keeps pushing and betting on corruption over justice and in their religious belief that money should be used to control people. Think of the hypocrisy of their criticism of China's purportedly Black Mirror like social credit system. They don't like it because it isn't money that would be driving slavery. The US would be way better off without the so called mainstream media an honest open search engine and word of mouth would be much better.
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  3. bowprecession

    bowprecession New Member

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