Captured Media vs Tesla

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Jun 2, 2018.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    The worst, nothing but pure sht and lies (keep in mind about 6 firms control the US media):

    NBC News (owned by Comcast and GE) Comcast does more than anyone save possibly for AT&T to
    censor our speech and hence our rights and GE as a defense contractor would lose money over less
    needless wars.

    Wall Street Journal (represents garbage like UBS, Goldman, Morgan... Cowen.. on and on and all the
    shill 'analysts.")
    BBC (this is pure oppressor media)
    LA Times
    NY Times
    Business insider
    Mercury News
    The Verge
    Ars Technica
    Extreme tech
    Yahoo Finance
    Daily Beast

    Co-conspirators for these entities include lots of venture capital firms and 'investment' banks that will go bust when a pin like Tesla is taken to the sht ballon of derivatives insuring junk petrol debt as happened in 2007 under Bush.

    Typically negative and inaccurate

    Washington Post
    Vanity Fair
    Digital Trends
    CBS News
    ABC News
    MIT Technology Review

    Half & half but not particularly accurate
    Consumer Reports
    Seeking Alpha (a paradoxical split between the worst liars, and some of the best and most accurate)
    USA Today
    Barrons (Forbes)
    Detroit Free Press
    The Guardian

    Even Al Jazeera and RT are way more accurate the the entities above. There is still Pacifica (increasingly corrupted by covert sponsorship) and Paul Jay's Real News Network but there is very little that isn't at the blog level that is honest at this point- it can't be sponsored and be honest it is impossible because sponsorship is about bribery only if ever about product sales as a very remote second.

    Contrast with generally accurate or at least more positive:

    Clean Technica
    Elektrek (sometimes wonder if Lambert pinch hits for the shill side)
    Insideevs (better and better but one annoying writer that adds shill type spin)
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  3. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    The Problem with Captured Media:

    It is worth looking at least some of what we have lost over the last 50 years due largely to captured sponsorship-bribery based media that exists to censor and spin for the benefit of generally non-contributing elites. Sponsorship and censorship are the same thing and censorship or silencing is the way we lose our rights to atrophy and lack of use. Absolutely deadly.

    The impact has been hardest on women and children as women relative to 1970 on a per family basis despite having much higher education levels and career success are now essentially working for free for the privilege of having strangers raise their children and this is made even worse because an increasing number of women are single parents. Look at the list below and consider that the BS US media will tell us that all the things our parents had are impractical for pie in the sky for us or other BS excuses like being the spoils of WWII- the truth is our standard of living and quality of life and freedom have been stolen from us and we need to take it back starting with getting rid of enslaving petrol fuel energy as fast as humanly possible.

    1970 1 Income would:
    Pay off the home
    Allow someone to retire
    Provided job security and financial stability
    Put the kids through school with no student loan debt
    No medical bankruptcy and essentially no medical bills- we had single payer in the county hospital
    No credit card debt- no debt leveraging to limit of income- unheard of.
    Raise your own kids, no latch key syndrome
    Granted social mobility, off spring would be better off
    Allowed for regular cost of living increases
    Schools safe, higher quality education
    You're parents were covered so they weren't moving in with you

    Today 2 incomes plus over time can't:
    Many can't afford home stuck renting losing income or will not be able to pay it off.
    Many moves no jobs or security or stability
    No retirement
    Medical debt or credit card debt maxed and medical bankruptcies
    denied medical care due to inability to pay
    Can't afford school or straddled with student loan debt that won't allow higher income
    Schools unsafe, bus work curricula, lower quality education- like little prisons where parents get jailed
    ironically on child labor provisions if kids don't attend.
    Can't raise own kids busy working fake job to pay for baby sitter- kids latch keyed raised by strangers
    fake job is given priority over kids raised by people that care about them.
    No cost of living increases for 50 years every year get a decrease relative to surplus receiver
    remnant defunct capital class.
    Longer work days working 2x as much (also tended to have flat 8s paid lunch hour work 35 paid for 40-
    gone now)
    No social mobility short of climbing a concubine ladder, kids expected to have lower quality of living.

    In 1970:

    75% of the GNP went to the middle class.


    Only 33% (2008) goes to the middle class.
    Middle class is shrinking
    Working more than 2x as much (2 incomes not making ends meet)
    4x as productive
    Receiving less than half the income per household and going backwards
    basically receiving 1/16 per productive unit.

    And what this shows is that stupid conservative supply side economic theories are just theft, fraud and criminality and yet we have a hyper conservative media that says its liberal to push this theft of our standard of living and quality of life. Also hard conservative politicians like Hillary as the only choice- she was only marginally socially liberal but had somehow become hard core economic and political conservative- don't think so look at her religious affiliation.
  4. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    The means of this theft beginning in early 1970s:
    Captured media, delinked wages from inflation (this alone is a recipe for a civil war,) cooption or capture of labor unions with agency shops, , doubled down on petrol to help drive artificial scarcity. And of course gerrymandering and election tampering. This was all Powel Memo type stuff. This is the Nixon legacy.

    Let us be sober about this. Every government around the world is some variant of a top down fully planned and centralized system be it capitalists, communists or socialist. After the so-called 3 golden decades the high mark in terms of not pimping their people out over money was the Scandinavian versions of socialism but they have become increasingly corrupted over the good example they set and the proper light cast on other systems. But seriously, technocrats have run the world since the advent of tax and tax is older than written language. Seems written language was invented to accommodate taxation. In the final analysis it tax is really just a glue that helps hold a society together in that when used properly it adds enough extra cohesion to hold a society together at scale as it stirs up enough interactivity that people don't become strangers to one another. Another truism of this is that tax is money and money is tax as tax has always been the primary demand creator in a society at scale. Tax is what gives money its psychological tangibility and makes it possible to build a currency out of quantized demand. Another important ramification is there is no such thing as big business only big government. Big business is just another silly psychological loss leader like constructive billionaires in capitalists society- it helps pay the cost of the ticket for idle wealthy free riders especially in post labor capitalist societies where nothing justifies the existence even remotely anymore of a capitalists class. A single person like Musk makes it more plausible for society to tolerate 100 like Chanos, but a 2% tax year in and year out is enough of a string to be a literal ring through the nose of any so called business leader and will steer them like a rudder year in and year out.

    But you can see the problem with a captured media because it implies captured government or that even the technocrats have lost out to a handful of stupid megalomaniacal oligarchs who will be all about the specialty of their loins and their wealth and power delusions and yield a society based on fraud and the hell of fear and scarcity. This is what we have with plantation petrarchy and captured media. If our inheritance of automation means anything it means we should be free of the influence of money hungry fools whose only qualification is self-righteous avarice. And we certainly shouldn't have a captured media meant and used to cover up the crimes and excesses of these people nor the resultant whole generations of children raised in economic, social and cultural poverty for the personal glorification of the useless oligarchs and reinforcement of the oligarch's self-aggrandizing mass inequity or inevitable raw enslavement of the public- it is always a people as property model or people reduced to non personhood so that claims of wrong doing are technically silenced.

    The US has been dropping on free press ratings. US hasn't had anything like a free press since Regan eliminated the free speech doctrine. It never really had a free press. But now 6 conglomerates with interlocking boards control the US media and this sponsor captured spin and censorship driven elite narrative pushing monolithic entity has driven the media hard to the right so that Americans are likely more miss-informed about their interests than any group of people in the history of the developed world. Current media is all about selling the lie. The most outrageous thing about current US media is the full entrance of money into American politics such that the same fully corrupted media firms are enriched by the election cycles for which they filter/censor candidates on behalf of elites (sponsors.) We are being made to pay for our rights destroying silencing and still facing tampered with elections- functioning media or even working largely automated people based replacement would stop this. A sponsor will say to a candidate: we are funding you and your competitor but if you don't say what we want we will pull our money and make sure you don't get any coverage- and this idiocy is based on media instead of being treated like a proper commons fixture is said to first be for-profit instrument or a greed first instrument- so because of greed our speech against greed is silenced. So no one who isn't a puppet or compromised in some way that makes them easy (e.g. pictures) to handle or blackmail is allowed in. The so-called mainstream US media is the most broken thing about the US political system, to say the least it is hostile and contemptuous toward the interests of the US people and literally working toward their enslavement and total dis-empowerment which can be seen in what the people have lost since 1970. It has helped steal their quality of life and standard of living. This propaganda system is used to terrorize the US people to keep them in a constant state fear and agitation. It is also used to cover for an increasingly fraudulent economy. It censors and spins coverage of the wrong doing by entities like ALEC.

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