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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by miltondweller, Sep 17, 2018.

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  1. miltondweller

    miltondweller Active Member

    10K kilometers already done - yay.

    Got the first service minder for the first service - code A19

    This translates to apart from the standard oil change (A), tire rotation (1) and a brake service (9)

    I was surprised to get a brake service for 10K - not something in my opinion normal. asked the service at dealership - not a educated answer - but a salad of words.

    Called in formally to honda to state that a brake service for 10K kilometers is not something that i expect and registered a formal case. i am not sure it will get any where - but i wanted to document at least a product concern. if that is the norm - fine - but let honda pocket the charge and not push it to the customer as a standard item. the usual dilemma - do you not do it to save the cost and impact your warranty or get it done and pay a high price for the service item.

    Curious is anyone else has service minders indicating a brake check at first service and how your experience has been so far for the first service.
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  3. David A

    David A Guest

    Right on que...6200 miles US.

    Most will agree on the brakes. Keep us posted as to the outcome of this issue.

    Good luck!
  4. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    The Clarity computer is punishing you for insufficient use of the deceleration paddle. Be careful not to utter any angry words about your Clarity while driving or it may cut off your voice-control options and flash the A$$ service code.
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  5. GV Ottawa

    GV Ottawa Member

    I'm in Ottawa, with 10.4k and have also recently gotten the A 1 9 maintenance notice - got the notice around 9.6k or so. I've called around to a few different local dealers and all of them say that the 9 = brake check/service and chassis inspection. Total cost estimate for the A 1 9 has been identical at $270.

    What I've not had any luck with is finding a dealer that can do the range error fix for me. Somebody on this forum posted the Canadian bulletin number is J-20-18, issued on 9 July 2018. But when I give this info to the local dealers they can't seem to pull it up anywhere. I've even emailed them the picture of the bulletin that was posted here, and I'm still not having any luck.

    Have you managed to find someone that can do that software update?
  6. miltondweller

    miltondweller Active Member

    I think both you and i at least have the A19 messages from what has been posted so far. Would suggest that you report it to honda such that at least there is a feedback reported and captured.
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  8. miltondweller

    miltondweller Active Member

    For your first service, did you get the minder message of A19? or was it a different one that you received.
  9. iluvscuba

    iluvscuba Active Member

    Can't I use a regular mechanic to do the A, 1 and 9 (0 for US) service? Most of the 9 are inspect and looking at the items listed, they seem to be fairly trivial that any good mechanic can do for much cheaper.

    I have always done my oil change at Costco and I don't see any reason to change that for the Clarity.

    I have always change my tires (summer to winter and back) at home in late Oct and early Apr, every 6 months
  10. Emanuel Green

    Emanuel Green Member

    I see no reason you need to go through the dealer. As long as you keep your receipts/documentation showing that all the required service was performed, you should be covered in the event of a warranty claim.

    Personally, I plan to get my first service done at the dealer, both to have it inspected by someone a little more familiar with the vehicle in case of any break-in issues, and so that there's a paper trail of the service coming up with less than 1,000 miles of HV driving :p After that, I'll be taking it to my local auto shop for much cheaper routine maintenance.
  11. David A

    David A Guest

    Miltondweller...sorry for the late reply. I have not reached the magical number yet. As others have noted, when I picked up my Clarity the Honda MM informed me I had 10 months to go before maintenance due. Now 2900 miles later, it shows 2 months...miraculously I put 2900 miles on in two months so my math indicates MM assumes I will be putting 1500 miles a month on the a recommendation I change the oil at 6k even though my conservatives stats show I will indeed have 1700 miles on the ICE...all things being equal.

    Multiple threads discuss this inaccuracy and multiple social media platforms are letting Honda know of the discrepancy. Hopefully all input is taken seriously and Honda issues a update to fix this anomaly.

    Good luck!
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  13. David A

    David A Guest

    Iluvscuba...You can perform maintenance however you choose. It is up to you to ensure a qualified, competent shop does the work OR you do it correctly if a DIY'er. Ensure you keep good records including all receipts and description of brand/type oil used etc. Some folks take pictures of the receipts since so many these days fade over short periods of time even when kept in a drawer.

    In my opinion, Honda oil filter and Honda branded oil are decent, run of the mill parts to use if you so desire. Alternatively, non-Honda parts can be used. Personally, I use a name brand, extended performance oil filter along with a name brand 0w-20 Full Synthetic, certified API, extended performance oil. Its your call just document and then document some more. Really makes no never mind which you choose to is a comfort level thing for you.

    Good luck!
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  14. toronto_clarity

    toronto_clarity New Member

    My car was delivered on August 30. My dealer (Ideal Honda) was able to pull up the Canadian Bulletin J-20-18 (I saw it on the computer scree myself) and followed the instructions only to learn that this patch was already applied to my car. That is what he has told me anyway. I will know when I fill my first tank of gas.
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  15. ab13

    ab13 Active Member

    You get oil changes at Costco? The US doesn't have that, afaik. Interesting. Is Canadian Tire considered good for general car work?
  16. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    Two thoughts on all the above posts:

    One, I don’t feel the need to have my Honda dealer inspect the car over my local mechanic because at this point neither one of them is familiar with the Clarity!

    Two, for the US, the Magnuson-Moss warranty act protects us from having a warranty claim denied due to not using the dealer’s mechanics and/or not using Honda branded parts/fluids. So as mentioned above, just keep your documentation and use maintenance items that meet Honda’s specs. I don’t know if our Canadian friends have such legally binding protection.

    Finally, I would be rather miffed if I lived in Canada and had to pay extra for a brake “service” when it appears there is no service being performed. The identical brake system in the US just calls for a brake inspection as part of the regular inspection. Anybody know why this is different in Canada?
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  17. Akinto

    Akinto Member

    Re Canadian Tire: it depends on the location. Every franchise is different. Most will try to hire the cheapest labour possible and have them sell you the highest quantity of MotoMaster merchandise they can.

    Others are great.
  18. Viking79

    Viking79 Well-Known Member

    First 3 services for my US car (every 6000 miles / 10,000 km, approx)

    They told me it didn't need the pollen filter replaced at third service.

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  19. K8QM

    K8QM Active Member

    Another reminder that the search feature works on this forum.

    I'm ready for the A012 - did they actually look at the filter or just tell you that it wasn't needed yet? I'm wary of my dealer as they caught me with a charge for balancing my tires at the second service which made me realize that I need to be very specific when I drop the car off so I avoid unexpected charges.


  20. RichL

    RichL Member

    Finally, I would be rather miffed if I lived in Canada and had to pay extra for a brake “service” when it appears there is no service being performed. The identical brake system in the US just calls for a brake inspection as part of the regular inspection. Anybody know why this is different in Canada?[/QUOTE]
    I suspect that Canada require more frequent brake servicing because we use a lot of salt on the roads in winter which causes the brake calipers to corrode and seize sooner but I don't see why they can't inspect the brake first and charge for "servicing" only when needed.
  21. Phil C

    Phil C New Member

    is this A12 or service schedule reminder thing keep poping up on your dashboard and only dealer can remove it? can't we just turn it off by ourself?
  22. Alantn

    Alantn Member

    You can turn the MM off but make sure you have documentation that you did the service somewhere if not the dealer for warranty purpose.
  23. GV Ottawa

    GV Ottawa Member

    A follow up to my post above ... For reference sake for those living in the Ottawa region, I took my Clarity in last night to Ottawa Honda on Richmond Road to have the A 1 9 service and the HV Range Fix bulletin applied. The service took about an hour and a half in total. My HV Range showed 908 km going in and 575 km coming out which makes way more sense for a full tank of gas. So hopefully that issue is closed for my vehicle.

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