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Discussion in 'General' started by tijonx, Oct 16, 2019.

  1. tijonx

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    I'm looking into a new EV car. I would like one that has a battery heater, but I cannot find a source with the details for most models.

    Anyone has a source, or at least per car confirmation?

    I can try to make a Google sheet if we have enough information
  2. R P

    R P Well-Known Member

    For Canada, what you want is a Heat Pump System instead of just a regular electric resistance heater (which I think all EVs have). That is more efficient and saves a lot of battery energy.

    Not all EVs have this. But the Hyundai Kona does.

    And it has a traction battery Thermal Management System which is coolant driven, not just air.
  3. tijonx

    tijonx New Member

    Thanks for the link.

    For the Kona, the information in the specs says in the HVAC section :
    Heat pump system : standard
    PTC heater : standard

    So it has both a resistive heater and an heat pump, both for the climate control, but which can recuperate part of the energy of the heat pump loop to heat the battery.
    And it has a 2kw resistive heater for the battery.
  4. tijonx

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  5. Francois

    Francois Active Member

    Another thing that helps with the kona, and likely with some other cars too, is to set your charging to top up the battery as close as possible to your departing time as recharging does heat up your battery a little. And you can also preheat the inside of the car so it is already warm before you leave the house.
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  6. bwilson4web

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    The Teslas use the integrated heating/cooling loop by using the motor as a resistor and passing the heated coolant through the battery.

    Bob Wilson
  7. tijonx

    tijonx New Member

    Ooh that's a great idea. I guess you set it from the car?

    I have a Niro phev with an Smart Evduty charger and never figured this one out. I think there a button in the car, doesn't seems to be an option of the charger
  8. Francois

    Francois Active Member

    In my case (kona) I can schedule both the charging schedule and the climate control from the car itself, each with their own schedule.
    My charging station (evduty) also allows the scheduling of the charging but not the climate control.
  9. Paul K

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    Let's be clear. I think the question was about a battery heater not how the cabin is heated. The Leaf has a battery heater and some of the others do. In theory if a Leaf is left unplugged in the cold for too long the battery heater turns off when the charge drops below 30%. Then if it's really cold the battery could "brick" until the car is towed to a warmer place. I don't know if anyone has actually had this happen. It is a good idea to establish for certain that if you live in an area of cold winters you will want to have a battery heater.

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