Can 2019 Bolt with low speed auto brake and LKA drive itself in stop-n-traffic?

Discussion in 'Bolt EV' started by stockae92, Oct 7, 2019.

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  1. stockae92

    stockae92 New Member

    I think something like the Honda Clarity can that it, but can 2019 Bolt with low speed auto brake and LKA drive itself in stop-n-traffic?

    With the current factory incentives, I am thinking about a 2019 Bolt (vs Honda Clarity).

    I read the 2020 Bolt will get a 9% range bump, but then it will take a while for the factory incentives to kick in and likely to lose the remaining of the Fed tax credit.
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  3. Spoonman.

    Spoonman. New Member

    No, I don't think so. My Pacifica Hybrid can, but it's not very good at it.

    Worth going in to see what your dealers are offering on the Bolt. I got a deal I was very happy with just before the end of September.
  4. rgmichel

    rgmichel Member

    The answer is no. The low speed automatic braking does not seem useful to me, in my 2017 Bolt EV. I always end up braking myself before it kicks it. If it does not work, and I have not been in an emergency to really test it, its not good in cruise control.
    no idea what LKA is.
  5. rgmichel

    rgmichel Member

    The 238 mile range for the 2017 to 2019 Bolt EV amounts to about 250 mile range in the summer, and 150 mile range in a northeast winter. For summer long distance driving this means charging about every 100 to 119 miles, which is a function of range, and the present distances between charging stations, and the charging speed of those stations. The range jump for 2020 will thus have a significant effect in winter but a marginal effect on summer long distance driving and summer range.
  6. stockae92

    stockae92 New Member

    I was trying to say Lane Keep Assist

    Anyway, if the Bolt can't drive itself with the driver convenient package II in slow stop and go travel, then I think I will skip that if I am going to get one.

    Thanks for the info.
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  8. Spoonman.

    Spoonman. New Member

    Well, on in-stock models the premium for Driver Confidence Package II isn't that much, and automatic emergency braking does substantially reduce your chance of an injury accident.
  9. rgmichel

    rgmichel Member

    Its long been a complaint of Bolt EV drivers that the car does not have adaptive cruise control. Hopefully, future Bolt EVs will have it. Meanwhile, the advantages of the Bolt EV are so significant that I have never ever regretted buying this wonderful car.
  10. DW'sGen2

    DW'sGen2 New Member

    Clarity cannot drive itself, nor can Bolt EV.
    LKA in the Bolt EV will only attempt to keep the car between lane lines, and makes corrections only after you've already run over the line. Then it corrects itself but will easily overcorrect.
    Clarity, same thing.
    LKA means Lane keep assist. Not self driving.
    Low speed automatic braking will apply the brakes when should have already, ie: does not mean you avoid a collision, but only that it's better than not braking at all.
    Are you for real?

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  11. JCA

    JCA Active Member

    The Clarity has 2 separate features -- Road Departure Mitigation (RDM), which works as you say above (flashing a warning and bumping the wheel in the right direction only after you run over the line or come close to doing so), and Lake Keeping Assist System (LKAS), which anticipates and actively attempts to keep the car centered in the lane more smoothly. RDM is enabled by default (can be disabled), LKAS has to be explicitly enabled each drive. My undertanding when I was shopping for both is the Bolt has the equivalent of RDM but not LKAS.

    However, both of these only operate at 45+ MPH, so the Clarity definitely doesn't "drive itself" in stop and go traffic. The Adaptive Cruise Control with Low Speed Follow does do a semi-reasonable job accelerating and braking automatically in varying slow traffic, but even with that when the car fully stops it has to be manually restarted with a button press or blip of the accelerator, by design.
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  13. DW'sGen2

    DW'sGen2 New Member

    No car, not even any model Tesla, drives itself.
    You're seeing yourself up for a major disappoinment, and certain death to you and others, with the mindset that a car will drive itself.

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