Calling all EV owners

Discussion in 'General' started by EVEangelist, Apr 21, 2021.

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  1. EVEangelist

    EVEangelist New Member

    (Calling all EV owners)

    Hello InsideEVs forum,

    Did you know there are still less than 500k EVs (BEV+PHEV) on UK roads today?

    ... with another forecast 35.5million left to convert!

    I am an EV owner and enthusiast like most of you. Also like many of you, I am keen to see more EVs on UK roads, which has had me thinking.

    I have been exploring a hunch about accelerating EV adoption. I feel prospective EV owners could be better served at the research stage - namely understanding quickly and easily that an EV would be a good fit for them. The longer it takes to work this out the longer we have to wait to get cleaner air etc. And as we move towards early adopters and the early majority this is time we just cannot afford!

    Here are some interesting sound bites:

    It takes on average 15 -16 weeks to decide what car to buy (J.D. Power Automotive Marketing Roundtable)

    ‘Additional hesitancies to make the leap highlight the need for greater knowledge about the capabilities and benefits of electric vehicles.’ (RingGo 2020 survey)

    Keen to hear your thoughts with a short (~3 mins) survey: Electric Car Ownership Research.

    Also welcome a longer chat if you are so inclined.

    Many thanks
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  3. Earl

    Earl Active Member

    The best tool is to get butts in seats. Events, such as National Drive Electric Week ( which anyone can host, have a huge impact.
  4. EVEangelist

    EVEangelist New Member

    Thanks Earl.

    I completely agree that bums in seats is the most convincing way to get prospective owners sold on EV.

    I just wonder for those who want to understand the technology from behind a monitor first, is enough being done to make it quick and easy to convince them to get their bum on a seat!

    p.s. hope you helped with the survey :)
    p.p.s i enjoyed that you used 'butt' and I used 'bum' US / UK gold.
  5. Earl

    Earl Active Member

    I am concerned that understanding from talk or from behind a monitor doesn't help too much, and, for some, can scare them.
    p.s. Unfortunately, I tend to avoid clicking on strange links from the internet so I have not addressed your survey, not will I be able to.
    p.p.s. I apologize for my use of English 2.1 slang when I should have used original English 1.0 slang (we understand it but it doesn't come naturally).

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