California Owners with SoCal Edison Rebates

Discussion in 'Honda' started by Michael Borquez, Jul 29, 2018.

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  1. I just stumbled on a few more rebates for the plug in Clarity or any electric car for that matter for SoCal buyers. $450 for buying and up to $1500 to have a dedicated electric meter installed. The local AQMD near me also had another $1000 rebate available. Make sure that that you look hard, there are a lot of rebates additional just floating around.
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  3. Johnhaydev

    Johnhaydev Active Member

    Thanks for the information. Just purchased mine 3 days ago. Waiting for paperwork for permanent registration to apply for rebates and carpool lane stickers

  4. What is AQMD?
    I'm debating if I should get the Level 2 charger installed to get the $1500. An old detached garage that will require more wiring and also need a new 240V circuit. Current charging is actually quite sufficient to us, as my wife commutes less than 15 miles a day for work usually

    Also need to apply for the $1500 state rebate, which seems require a lot of documents.

    My dealer mailed me the carpool lane stickers just a week after I bought the car. I was very surprised, I thought I have to apply for that after getting the registration.
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  5. The AQMD is the air resource board and in California every region has one. Type in your county and AQMD and you should see it. Once on their site look up rebates and they maybe offering one.

    I called an electrician and he seemed willing work with me to get the $1500 rebate. It seems like a lot, but after going through it a few times, it doesn’t seem so bad.

    As for the Carpool stickers, you are lucky, most dealers let you deal with that on your own.
  6. Seems nothing offered for Los Angeles county.
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  8. My provider is SCE, so the same $450 for new EV and $500/$1500 on EV charging plan as in your first post. Wish has additional $1000 from AQMD as yours.

    I'm wondering if I can also get that $250 home charger rebate from AQMD, which said self-installation, in addition to the SCE $500/$1500 rebate which said requires a licensed technician.

    The AQMD instruction is kind of confusing as it also said "Charger would need to be installed at a 240v outlet or by a licensed electrician if no 240V outlet exists"
  9. Front Row

    Front Row Member

    We bought two Claritys here in So Cal and applied for the SCE $450 rebate, it was approved in less than a week, but we're told 90 days for the check. I did install the level 2 charger but my electrician told me I didn't need a city permit, the SCE rebate for this requires the permits, so if you want this rebate be sure to get the permits.

    We also applied for the state rebate of $1,500.00 I am still waiting for approval.

    AQMD = Air Quality Management District
  10. Same here, approved pretty quickly, but the delay for the check seems kind of long. They told me the same thing for the AQMD check, but I got it in a few weeks.

    Let me know how that $1500 rebate goes. Did you have Edison add the EV meter? How much did your electrician charge you and did you end up having them get a permit?
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  12. Front Row

    Front Row Member

    State rebate still not yet approved, submitted over a month ago.

    I'm reaching out to my electrician to see if I can get the permits now, if so I can get almost $2000 in rebates well worth the cost of the permits. If I can't get the permits I can still get the $250 self install rebate.

    No on the separate meter.

    The installment was $700.
  13. Kendalf

    Kendalf Active Member

    So no permit needed for the 240V outlet to quitqua for the $250 self-install rebate? That's been what's holding me back on filing for this.
  14. S L .

    S L . Active Member

    So we can get the $500-$1500 edison rebate for the installation and also the$250 from aqmd? Since the aqmd is for the charger itself while the edison excludes the cost of the charger

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  15. djohan621

    djohan621 Member

    If the electrician didn't get the city permit, it sounds like a rip off. without permit you can get $300 with the local contractor, the $700 - 800 range usually came with permit - they know you can get rebate from SCE so they inflate their rate :)
  16. Patrick Chin

    Patrick Chin New Member

    I got $450 check from SCE without a permit. All I needed to send was take some pictures of the charger setup. Installation of mine was very simple because the box is located directly opposite (wall in between) side of the electrical panel.
  17. Kendalf

    Kendalf Active Member

    Was your outlet a pre-existing one that came with the house, or was it one that was done at a later time by an electrician? From what I read from the SCE terms, an outlet that appeared to have been wired later (with a visible junction box and conduit) required a permit. It would be great to hear that SCE is willing to be more flexible with the requirements.
  18. Patrick Chin

    Patrick Chin New Member

    I had the technician install the outlet and mount the charger.

    I only sent below 3 pictures, and rebate was approved.
    IMG_4715.JPG IMG_4726.JPG

    IMG_4715.JPG IMG_4726.JPG IMG_4727.JPG
  19. Patrick Chin

    Patrick Chin New Member

    I don't know why couple of photos are duplicated. I only posted 3 photos.
  20. djohan621

    djohan621 Member

    Are you sure you got the Charge Ready Home Installation Rebate ?
    $450 from SCE sounds like the Clean Fuel reward Program. This one doesn't need EV charger, and you can apply up to 3 times (for 3 diff cars).
  21. Kendalf

    Kendalf Active Member

    That's a good point. The Charge Ready Home Installation Rebate is for $500. @Patrick Chin Did you apply for both, and received the Clean Fuel Rewards rebate?
  22. Front Row

    Front Row Member

    I received my $450.00 check and this week received an email from California saying my state rebate of $1500 was approved, but it will be up to 90 days before I see my check.

    So the time line for me was:

    So. Cal. Edison (SCE) Clean Fuel Rewards rebate ($450)
    Application: 7/6/18
    Approval: 7/17/18
    Check received: 8/24/18

    California Clean Vehicle Rebate ($1500)
    Application: 6/28/18
    Approval: 9/11/18
    Check: still in 90 day waiting period

    I have not yet applied for the AQMD rebate ($250) for the charger install, I was concerned that they would not approve me because I had the outlet installed without a permit, however, after seeing the pictures of Patrick's installment mine looks very similar. So I'm going to give it a shot.

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