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Discussion in 'LEAF' started by jcrothers, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. jcrothers

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    Hi all
    I'm in Vancouver Canada and looking at a 2016 SL that lived approximately 1.5 years in Washington state and then 1.3 years in/near Fremont, California. It has 48,000km (~29,900m), 12 bars on dash and costs $23,500 before tax.

    The dealer sent a snapshot of what he said was from Leaf Spy. It says:
    SOC 86.4
    SOH 85.3
    Gids 279
    Ah 58.60

    I don't know what 388.9 refers to, it's just sitting there by itself.

    From this resource ( it seems this SOH tends toward the lower end of battery health and so I'm not sure whether I should just wait for a better option. Our plan is to own whichever EV till it dies, knowing that we'd most likely replace the battery at some point in the future. i.e. I don't care about resale value but I do care about length of life.

    I'm at analysis paralysis stage right now. In general this car meets our needs but I don't want to rip myself off out of ignorance. Any insight that could help me decide would be greatly appreciated!
  2. jcrothers

    jcrothers New Member

    Well I've talked myself out of it... :)

    We decided that battery health was more important to us so getting a 2017 S rather than this 2016 SL makes more sense. They have the 2017 S's listed for $20,500 so we can just buy leather seat covers for what we'll save.
  3. DJP

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    At one time the S only came with the Level 2 charging port. Before buying, I'd check if it has the fast charging port. You really don't want to be limited to Level 2 charging only.
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  4. jcrothers

    jcrothers New Member

    Good point. Thanks.
  5. Kenneth Bokor

    Kenneth Bokor Active Member

    Yes good point and congrats on your purchase!

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