BSLBATT Energy Solutions Expands LifePo4 Powerwall Production Line

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Lifepo4 Powerwall, Sep 10, 2021.

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  1. Battery manufacturer BSLBATT ESS Battery (hereinafter referred to as BSL) is currently expanding lithium iron phosphate (LiFePo4) energy storage batteries and will establish a new lithium iron phosphate battery trial production line as early as next year.

    BSL’s main product is Powerwall Battery, which is an energy storage system for home solar power generation systems. With the popularity and development of photovoltaic systems, the company has been accelerating production to meet the global market's demand for household battery systems. In order to maintain its ability to deliver fast, BSL has planned a new site to increase the production line of LifePo4 Powerwall.

    Although lithium iron phosphate batteries have a low energy density, they do not contain cobalt and nickel, so they are cheaper and safer. BSL has been involved in lithium iron phosphate batteries with very professional production capacity and technical experience. They already have excellent solutions for power lithium batteries, especially forklift batteries, and energy storage lithium batteries have become the focus of future planning!

    BSL's Powerwall battery will take a variety of design firms. In addition to the traditional wall-mounted Powerwall, it also designs a stacked solar power battery, an integrated household power storage system combined with an inverter, and a 20kWh roller that is convenient to move. Type battery module. It is expected to build a new LiFePo4 Powerwall production line as soon as next year.

    It is reported that BSL is also cooperating with some lithium iron phosphate battery manufacturers. BSL may sign an agreement with other lithium battery manufacturers to become an upstream company in the production of BSL LifePo4 Powerwall batteries, supplying them with the materials required for the production of lithium battery cells.

    With the advancement of industry technology, the energy density of lithium iron phosphate battery systems has been significantly improved, and its low-cost advantages have become more prominent. Many energy storage battery manufacturers no longer focus solely on the process but pay more attention to technical safety. BSL hopes to seize the opportunities of the times and contribute higher technical strength to energy storage lithium batteries through its own strength.
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