Break click noise when first pressed?

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Josh, May 31, 2018.

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  1. rodeknyt

    rodeknyt Active Member

    I'd be really careful putting anything on the switch. Those things have REALLY close tolerances. The slightest press on the brake pedal will light up the brake lights. Anything you put on the switch might either a) keep the brake lights on all the time or b) keep the brake lights from coming on as soon as they should.
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  3. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    Absolutely! That’s why I included the word “carefully”.
  4. sniwallof

    sniwallof Active Member

    same problem, I did not read carefully enough either.

    The sound is definitely more consistent with a brake pedal switch than a small relay sound. Fortunately, I do not hear it while driving. Odd, usually it's the high frequency stuff older folks don't hear. This is much lower, more like a slight clunk, but it is relatively low in volume on mine anyway.
  5. Kenji

    Kenji New Member

    My 2019 Honda Clarity Plug-In does the same thing when I step on the brake pedal. I took to the dealer and they said it's normal. There should be a recall on this fix because it's super annoying and feels like the brake is about to fall apart.
  6. M.M.

    M.M. Active Member

    If something sounds like it's going to fall apart you either have something else going on, or you have a very different perception of sounds that 5000-pound chunks of metal make when decelerating than I do.

    Mine is quiet enough that it is inaudible if I have the stereo on, or the road is a bit rough, or the A/C is turned up, or I'm talking to someone. If I'm in EV mode, the sound system is off, on a recently-paved road, and the fan isn't running very hard, I can hear a soft click when either touching the brakes or the adaptive cruise control slows the car down past a certain level. It's nowhere near the realm of even annoying, let alone sounding like something is broken.
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