Braking vs Left Regen Button

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  1. Yes, I'm one of the left paddle guys.
    Sorry I missed one, when I realized in post how many times I said uuhm, I seriously though about doing everything again, but then I thought it'd be funny to just do an uuhm-counter ...
    I was just lucky that I happened to drive when it was getting dark yesterday, just the day after the update. Being stopped at a light I saw the red glare on the rear wiper and thought that I didn't use the foot brake, so I double checked at the next light and for sure it was on.
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  2. Also somewhat confirmed in this thread:
    Did you notice if the battery saver + has been removed from the "user settings / other" menu?
    If it has , a new post should be introduced into the 12V battery thread
    so updated characteristics of the 12V charging can be monitored.
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  3. Yes, the battery saver+ option is gone.
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  4. Thanks for the update, will post in the 12V thread.
  5. I had no idea what that number was for and didn't notice the umms in the dialog. But I was slightly confused when you did the test because saying "brake paddle" sounded like "brake pedal" and so I thought there would be a following test for the "paddle".
    Not that there were that many reported rear end collisions, but there were two over the last year and hopefully safety will be improved by this change.
  6. I know it's confusing. Paddle vs. pedal. I even put in a little asterisk because when I said it in the video it was confusing too ... Well, the challenges of language
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