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Discussion in 'Hyundai Ioniq 5' started by GreekGuy, Jun 2, 2023.

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  1. GreekGuy

    GreekGuy New Member

    My old car had a paddle regen break, was pleased to learn that my new Ioniq 5 has a similar feature - in some ways it works better, but others not so much.
    In case you didn't know, you can do a paddle regen (maximum regen, great for preserving battery by slowing down early, for example when approaching a red light - avoids friction brakes from activating if not necessary) by holding the left paddle. Unlike my old car, it will take the car all the way to a full stop - and do a hold! Love this, especially because the Hold Mode button performs different than other cars - instead of pushing hard on the brake to activate it, it *always* activates, forcing you to move your foot away from the brake and push the accelerator when backing out of a parking space - very poor for cautious maneuvering.
    For some reason, it doesn't work with cruise control on. In my old car, clicking the paddle was an easy way to disengage the ACC. When this comes in handy is when cruising on ACC and a curve comes up - you paddle-regen before the curve, and hit the resume-cruise button as you're exiting the curve. Seems like they don't want you adjusting regen intensity while ACC is active, but it should recognize that the long-hold is a brake request, not an adjustment.
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  3. Hi, the actual brake pedal also will do regen unless extreme hard braking is required; in this scenario, the brake pads engage. Once I found out about the blending of regen/brake pads occur, I stopped using the paddles. You can see the regen occurs by looking at your centre screen and will see energy being added back to the battery pack. I normally set the regen level to "auto" by a long hold of the right paddle. Cheers, Steve
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