Boom Energy IPO 20 years too late

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Jul 25, 2018.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    There is so much dishonesty in this article its unbelievable.

    First shale toward the end of the the Obama industry was about to trigger another derivatives collapse and it was putting Deutch bank at risk in particular and it was US Mid Western shale. It simply wasn't cost competitive. Look up the 8 Minute Energy videos where its CEO talks about how all natural gas plants were scraped in Texas that year because it simply couldn't compete on price. CEO was pointing out that it beats Natural Gas at every latitude. Now thinking that 30% tariffs on imported solar panels will matter won't because battery backed solar is now about 25% of the cost of NG or coal or oil and as Tony Seba points out it will go below 1/10 the price and likely get to 1/1000 the price price or cheaper than the cost of transmission.

    Another bit of nonsense the author tired to foist was that NG pipelines are reliable. Well they supply is not and its subject to speculation whereas batter backed solar and solar in general has 30 year flat price curves. And given ultra capacitor etc there is no need for pumped hydro there won't even be a case for petrol in aviation. Also the next admin may will tear up the pipeline contracts and remove the pipelines and easements and I'd hope fine these NG companies and coal companies to make up the difference- should tax them to and send the difference to green- message to these companies that we will claw back the ill-gotten regressive gain- hopeful just have the Army tear it down and F interference by the supreme court.

    Then of course while Bloom's offering is a more solid state NG plant it is still a Fuel Cell with all the drawbacks and is still dirty with methane leaks at supply and the need to sequester the CO2.

    So the Boom offering is

    1. Not cost competitive and never will be even despite T. Admin- US can't stop petrol implosion.
    2. Dirty
    3. Unreliable supply subject to speculation and price fluctation
    4. Politically unacceptable.

    Its radically inferior technology. Current petrol would be like a 2007 Blackberry going up against a iPhone 10x with life time free high quality phone service for the same price back in 07.
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