Bolt versus Ioniq

Discussion in 'Hyundai IONIQ Electric' started by SD_dad, Jun 20, 2019.

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  1. SD_dad

    SD_dad New Member

    Can anyone out there chime in with their thoughts on the Ioniq versus the Bolt? I just saw that the prices for the bolt have come down a ton to about parity with the Ioniq once the rebates are taken into account. I'm seeing the bolt for under 26K which comes down to sub 20K once the state and federal credits come into play.

    I was looking at the leaf vs Ioniq but with price drop I'm not sure what to think. Range really isn't an issue but then again having an extra 100 miles of range isn't a bad thing.

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  3. I would definitely take the Bolt over the Ioniq. I think its long range with help with its resale value, for one. Plus, it's a decently fun car to drive.

    I would suggest test driving both and seeing which one you prefer enough driving the most, if range isn't that big an issue for you.
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  4. SD_dad

    SD_dad New Member

    Well I went with the Ioniq.... The main reason was the fact that the Bolt looks terrible and the Ioniq looks like a "normal" sedan. I've had it for about a month and the closest I got to range anxiety was went I was below 20 miles but still had plenty of options to charge if needed.
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  5. Congratulations on your car! We don't have many Ioniq owners chiming in, so it'd be great if you start a thread to show it off and tell us about it.
  6. KenG

    KenG Member

    Well.... My model 3 needed a stable mate.... after looking at everything...I turned the Volt lease in and picked up an Ioniq Limited... Seems great so far![​IMG]

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