Bolt miles/kWh

Discussion in 'Bolt EV' started by Kevin C, Jun 1, 2018.

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  1. TonyInGA

    TonyInGA Member

    As you can see, the numbers vary quite a lot. Even with the same driver.

    But, I did learn something today. The EPA came up with the numbers that figures out the MPGe, and it's 33.705 (equals 1 gallon of fuel) x Avg mi/kWh (see ).

    So long as your average mi/kWh is at least 3.8, you are doing slightly better than the EPAs estimate on the 2020 Bolt (127/108).

    On my 2020 Bolt Premier, I have seen a low of 3.6 (city only). So, that was lower than the EPA estimate, 121.3 MPGe. But, I have also been as high as 6.1 (currently 5.1; city only). Now, I'm doing far better than the EPA estimate; ranging from 151.6 MPGe to 252.7 MPGe, with an avg of 171.8 MPGe (though, I have seen an avg of 205.6 MPGe).


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