Bolt EV storage for extended period

Discussion in 'Bolt EV' started by Jfcrabbit, Nov 29, 2017.

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  1. Jfcrabbit

    Jfcrabbit New Member

    Does anyone have any recommendations on storing the car for 2-3 months? What would be best to not damage batteries?
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  3. Jfcrabbit

    Jfcrabbit New Member

    Never mind. Found the answer on page 259 in owners manual
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  4. rgmichel

    rgmichel Active Member

    For longer than 4 weeks, discharge the HV battery to 2-3 bars, and trickle charge the 12 volt battery while you are away. Leave the car unplugged at the charger port.
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  5. Albemarle

    Albemarle New Member

    Dealer said they checked with GM and that's what you do even for winter storage. Do not plug in.
  6. Chevy Bolt storage.jpg
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  8. rgmichel

    rgmichel Active Member

    I have my Bolt EV in storage for 6 weeks. Its not plugged in, its at about five bars, and it has a 12 volt AGM battery charger hooked up to the correct points under the hood. I have a security camera on it, so if it disappears in a puff of smoke, I will know about it. I will update the status in 6 weeks!
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  9. rgmichel

    rgmichel Active Member

    Came back home. 12v Battery charger indicated the 12v battery was fully charged. Disconnected trickle charging. The car was still at about five bars. Plugged car into my ChargePoint charger. Car charged fine. Drove away on my first trip with no problems. So, six weeks without use gave me no problems whatsoever.
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  10. Thanks for the update!
  11. rgmichel

    rgmichel Active Member

    Just to report back on this; I put my Chevy Bolt in storage for 6 weeks over Christmas and had no problem. The trickle charger I used kept the 12 battery nicely charged. When I returned, I disconnected the AGM charger, plugged in the car's HV charger. Everything charged back up with no problem, and I was on my way.
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