Bolt EV prices in SF Bay Area California $10K - $18K HIGHER than most other states!!

Discussion in 'Bolt EV' started by Wastedspacer, Nov 16, 2017.

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  1. Why the huge disparity? You would think that here in early-adopter California where we should be leading the charge to EVs, we already pay the most tax, highest rents - surely we should get a break?

    I would think that saving $18K is well worth the $800 shipping or even a cross-country trip and a couple of dozen charges, Arizona only saves $14K for the same car but at only 700 miles to the dealer - only a few charges away!

    Example: Source
    In MA: 2600 miles away
    2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV Premier
    $25,780 MSRP $41,780 New

    • Exterior Color: Mosaic Black Metallic
    • Interior Color: Gray
    • Transmission: 1-Speed Automatic
    • Drivetrain: FWD
    Same car in CA: 23 miles away- sticker price is ABOVE MSRP
    2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV Premier
    $43,510 New
    • Exterior Color: Black Metallic
    • Interior Color: Gray
    • Transmission: 1-Speed Automatic
    • Drivetrain: FWD
    Any issues with buying out of state? I don't suppose SMOG would be one :)
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  3. WadeTyhon

    WadeTyhon Well-Known Member

    Do you have a link to the supposed 25,000 Bolt EV?

    No dealer will actually be selling you a Bolt for that price anywhere.

    But dishonest dealers will often list the car with state and federal tax rebates applied. Then when you try to buy it you realize it is 10+ grand more.

    Distrust any dealer that tries this trick. If they are not honest in your first interaction, they will try to screw you over on every subsequent interaction.
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  4. zony

    zony New Member

    MA offers a significant state discount which is why the price is where it is. Good prices in the SF area can be found on LeaseHackr, and most dealerships will match or beat. We picked up our LT with QC, comfort and paint for $317/mo (including tax) for 36/15k - from a non-volume dealer in Monterey that matched San Jose. We're happy.
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  5. God

    God Member

    Historically, Bolt EVs have been dirt cheap in CA, however various reports that major CA metros sold out of their Bolt EVs...There was two identifiable reasons for this, first GMs Bolt EV's lease deal went "viral" on lease hacker and once a deal goes viral odds greatly increase other local dealerships to match their offer...Also to much lesser degree, the GOP house tax plan announced it would end the federal tax credit (final bill keep the credit alive) which would have ended on 12/31/17 which would be about when the Costco cash card, valued up to $700 would end as well...
  6. rgmichel

    rgmichel Active Member

    I agree with this comment. When I bought my Bolt in Connecticut I came across dealers who discounted the CT rebate, pretending the result to be their asking price. You have to read their fine print to see it.
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  8. God

    God Member

    Think of buying/leasing a vehicle like a Vegas bet...Walking into a dealer is a suckers bet...Do all business over text/email with the dealerships Internet Manager who often were front line salesmen who received a promotion...Search the dealerships "meet the staff", get I.M. names, google search their email address...If you're unable to locate, call them, tell them you're only doing business over email and ask for their email address...Only takes a few mins per dealership...

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