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    First full charge 3% to 100%

    I pulled a crazy stunt the other day, I drove to the nearest ccs fast charger (75 miles from my home) after starting out with an 88% charge (hill top reserve) and commuting to work… I checked the charging station to make sure it was fully operational and then drove around at high speeds to deplete the battery. Even being 100% confident that I could make it back to the charging station, when the last bar started franticly blinking it put range anxiety into overdrive
    When I plugged into the charger I had 3% SOC. Charging from 3% to 80% was the cheap part of the charge and the other half (the expensive half) was charging all the way up to 100% in order to get a data log from near zero to full charge on a 350 KW CCS station. That first 46.2 KW cost me the same amount as the 12 KW I gained in the second half of the charge.
    Here are some mile stones:
    • 13% (gain of 10%, 24 miles of EPA range) in 8 minutes.
    • 23% (gain of 20%, 48 miles of EPA range) in 15 minutes.
    • 33% (gain of 30%, 71 miles of EPA range) in 23 minutes.
    • 43% (gain of 40%, 95 miles of EPA range) in 30 minutes.
    • 1st step down 55 KW to 40 KW at 49% at 34 min
    • 53% (gain of 50%, 119 miles of EPA range) in 38 minutes.
    • 63% (gain of 60%, 143 miles of EPA range) in 47 minutes.
    • 2nd step down 40 KW to 25 KW at 66% at 50 min
    • 73% (gain of 70%, 167 miles of EPA range) in 61 minutes.
    • 3rd step down 25KW to 18 KW at 81% at 74 min
    • 83% (gain of 80%, 190 miles of EPA range) in 77 minutes.
    • 4th step down 18 KW to 11 KW 91% at 95 min
    • 93% (gain of 90%, 214 miles of EPA range) in 102 minutes.
    • 95% (gain of 92%, 219 miles of EPA range) start of final ramp down 112 min.
    • 98% (gain of 95%, 226 miles of EPA range) in 121 minutes."
    Total cost:
    63%, $1 + 47*.30 = $15.10
    73%, $1 + 61*.30= $19.30
    98%, $1 + 121*.30 = $37.30

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    I've zipped up the OpenSource spreadsheet.

    My approach on charging economics is to look at the charging rate versus local electrical rate. For example, it costs $0.10/kWh or $0.0017/kWm. At $0.30/min, you are at 55 kW, paying for $0.092/kWm or roughly three times the local electrical rate per hour (note change of time scale.) But we do this to avoid having a two-car hybrid: (1) EV, and (2) gasser.

    Now this is a problem:
    There are two CCS standards, V1.0 limited to 80kW, and V2.0 limited to 350kW. But your car electronics and/or control laws limit it to 55kW. No need to plug-in to a 350kW station if a lower rate charger is available.

    What is the L2 charger rate for your car? It may make economic sense to unplug from the fast DC charger and top off with a cheaper, J1772 plug.

    Bob Wilson

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