Bolt EUV Sets Range Record in Brazil 560 Miles

Discussion in 'Bolt EV' started by Nebula, May 16, 2023.

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  1. (use google translate)

    Following the official launch of the 2023 Chevy Bolt EUV in Brazil, General Motors has just announced that the small electric crossover set a world record of 560 miles of range in the South American country.

    GM South America released the results of a maximum energy efficiency test of the new 2023 Chevy Bolt EUV dubbed the “Bolt EUV Autonomy Challenge,” which the automaker’s engineering arm conducted at the GM Cruz Alta Proving Ground. In it, the Bolt EUV traveled a total of 901.8 kilometers or 560 miles on a full charge, which represents the world record for the highest range achieved by the model and any EV in its category.
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  3. Thanks for sharing. Looks like GM's media folks in Brazil aren't yet completely versed in EV-speak: "O objetivo era descobrir qual distância seria possível rodar com os 66 kW de energia da bateria do modelo em condições de máxima eficiência energética. (The objective was to find out how far it would be possible to drive with the 66 kW of energy from the model's battery under conditions of maximum energy efficiency.)" It's kWh, not kW. kW is power, KWh is energy or power over time. But I digress...

    I wonder what people think generally of these sorts of promotional efforts? I've seen all kinds of very similar types of promotional efforts made over the years and I've never heard anyone say they changed their minds about electric vehicles. Maybe some are initially impressed, but when/if they learn that the vehicle was travelling at much lower speeds than they typically do, those positive feelings may turn south.

    But, maybe I'm not thinking of this in the right context. I haven't read any sort of study of consumer attitudes regarding these distance events. So, I'd be happy to hear other's thoughts.
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  5. rgmichel

    rgmichel Active Member

    Hmm... did they haul it to the top of a mountain, then tool down?? :)
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  7. I want them to do one with the Hummer! xD
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  8. At 22 mph, it would probably take a week to drain that battery.
  9. teslarati97

    teslarati97 Well-Known Member

    The highest efficiency for the Hummer EV is 1.6mi/kWh when driven under 30MPH according to Transport Evolved.

    So if it's a 212.7kWh battery pack then driving at 22mph and 1.6mi/kWh means it would take about 15.47 hours non-stop.
  10. I've seen Some Hummer owners getting 2+ mi/kWh real world, for their daily drives.
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  12. Now, I wouldn't actually mind driving the Hummer EV at 22 mph or less for that long if it was all off-road.
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  13. Roland

    Roland Member

    On Wednesday I took my 2022 Bolt in for a software update recall plus the seat belt fire thingy (I think that involved a piece of tape). When I arrived at the dealer my average mile per kilowatt indicated to be at 4.3 mi/kW. When I left the dealer 3 hours later it had dropped to 4.0 mi/kW. I think the mechanic kept the ac going the whole time it sat in his stall? So I reset the indicator and hypermiled my way back home the 25 miles. By the time I got home I had it up to 4.8 mi/kW.
    Our highways in the Ozarks between towns generally let you drive between 50-60 mph but for some odd reason, when I flip over to the average speed screen on the instrument panel it has me at 28mph lifetime average. :)
  14. You still do a lot of low speed driving around town and on your neighborhood, that drives the average down.
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  15. Roland

    Roland Member

    It's true, the first mile and a half is a logging road good for 15 mph and the drive through town never exceeds 30 mph getting to the highway that leads to the next town and groceries. We get'r up to 45 on that hwy if we're lucky. Once we get across the river things get crazy fast, up to 60! It seems to be equally uphill as it is downhill around here too. I gain battery strength as I coast toward town, halfway anyway. ;)

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