BNEF is not credible, not even remotely

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, May 5, 2018.

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  1. 101101

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    Look at BNEF. Think about who sits on their board and who sponsors the wider entity. They exist to help the petrol fuel industry try to spin the green energy narrative. What they put out is generally always why the clean energy future is still about a decade off. Why nothing can really happen until Trump is out of office for a second term.

    They insist that parity with ICE can't come before 2025 and that nothing can really happen prior to that. They moved the parity point way backwards to $100kwh in 2025 dollars vice $124 in 2011 or 2013 dollars by DOE estimate. Well Telsa is likely already below $100khw.

    Other thing they try to do is put out all the ways the BEV industry can be derailed or delayed or fail. They also put out incredibly stupid thing that try to make the fossil industry look like it is other then completely helpless in terms of total dependence on subsidies or that it can influence its fate with for instance cheap gas- the cheap gas narrative is beyond stupid and only a function of subsides for theft from public treasuries. Also noted bits where they seem to want to suggest petrol fuel energy might be able to manipulate battery supply by locking up minerals- if not them that is putting that out it fits into their narrative. They are selling helplessness and dependence.

    So basically a shill entity. They will do their loss leaders. But they have a bunch of people trying to peddle their garbage and it is garbage at the level of a Exxon ad or a Shell ad on clean and green sites. They are also trying to play the analyst name dropping and reference game trying or create the sense of a phony consensus. They exist only to foment doubt and make room for the worst kind of bought and paid for talking point so-called 'analysts.' They are the idiot right's attempt at countering Tony Seba. Tony Seba is credible they are just corruption.
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