BMW lying about its sales in the US

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Oct 7, 2018.

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  1. 101101

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    Notice in SoCal that I rarely see these SUVs or X series that it keeps claiming it is selling so many of. So a quick search produced this:

    Along with this behavior was their Harold Krieger saying that hitting the carbon reductions by
    2030 would entail 70% electric cars and overwhelm the grid and was therefore a dream and essentially not going to happen. This must be where German Judges in the largest German state are considering laws to jail politicians that don't enforce climate laws. Krieger's dishonest on this seems to be legion.

    Another instance was BMW facing injunctions around the world for cars that suffer spontaneous combustion even when parked and burn to the ground and then no surprise countless FUD articles against Tesla trying to push that Tesla had the issue when it was really BMW and there was little coverage by the sponsored media of the BMW problem- which company fomented that? Of course Tesla had already taken massive share from BMW with its S series.

    And now we see that BMW has its own diesel gate. If it lied about its emissions it would surely lie about it sales? Note the analysis of the article above.

    All this talk about moving to bigger vehicles is utter BS, it did happen to an extent because the US makers hiding under a 25% tariff on Japanese import trucks and wanting to loss lead value into the US trucks by cannibalizing their own cars to scam emissions with the stupid foot print emissions scaling scam to do nothing else but to force more petrol on people (whereas we should have had policy like in Norway)- now the level of corruption Trump is pushing on this is calling the American social contract into issue. There is going to have to be something that is retributive and retro-active to these corporations and agencies. His shills need to be removed from the court or be politically nullified some how. Regardless, more car like trucks even if feeling safer really didn't create the push the US industry claims
    and I just don't see a bunch of new BMW cross overs or SUVs. Just not there. Don't see a bunch of X series, so suspect its more lies.
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