BMW i3-REx replacement

Discussion in 'Mazda' started by bwilson4web, Jan 11, 2023.

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    The MX-30 is powered by an electric motorsupported by a 35.5 kWh battery with a power output of 105 kW (141 hp; 143 PS) and 264 N⋅m (195 lbf⋅ft) torque, offering a range of 209 km (130 mi).[8] Up to 80% charge can be achieved within 30 to 40 minutes via 40 kW DC charging. With a 6.6 kW AC (1 phase, 230V, 29A) charging unit, the MX-30 is claimed to get fully recharged within 4.5 hours.[9]

    The plug-in hybrid variant drivetrain will operate in series, featuring a rotary engine that acts as a range extender to recharge the batteries, but not to power the vehicle's wheels directly.[10] In Japan, Australia and New Zealand, a gasoline powered all-wheel-drive mild hybrid version is also available. This version is powered by Mazda's 2.0 L e-Skyactiv-Gfour-cylinder engine.[11]


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