BMS update fail...

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by ericy, Aug 14, 2020.

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  1. ericy

    ericy Well-Known Member

    I had the BMS service done today. At the time it seemed to go OK - I got home at dinnertime. Just now I go to plug the car in. Aaaand it won't charge.

    When I put the plug in, the ring around the connector first turns green, then it turns red and flashes on and off a couple of times, and then turns off. Same problem if I use the Juicebox or the granny cable.

    Right now I have 21% on the battery - 57 miles on the GOM. Dealer is 48 miles away. Not wild about trying to get there on this SOC. I would probably end up in turtle mode with 10 miles to go.

    On the console, I get a generic EV fault message of some sort. I tried SoulEVSpy - I didn't see a way to read fault codes. I also have TorquePro - I could try that in the morning, I guess. I guess I will have to call Hyundai and the dealer tomorrow. Frankly I want them to bring in a flatbed and take it back themselves.

    It is literally the case that the *only* thing they did to the car earlier today was the BMS update.
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  3. Long shot... if you can measure the SOC of the 12 V battery, or just disconnect it (the negative terminal) and try again probably restarting the car after a few minutes, it might save a tow truck. It is possible they did the update with a low SOC on the 12 V system (even though it is specified in the service campaign to do the update with a high SOC)
    would be the first thing I would try, can't hurt. Hopefully it's not a fail update and just limited to that:oops:
    Edit: also make sure the negative terminal cap is still where it it supposed to be, not going to cause the issue but there have been reports of the cap fallen down or left on the battery unsecured .
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2020
  4. There's a thread over at SpeakEV regarding failed updates and signs one way or the other that it's complete. No doubt you've checked the charge limit settings?
  5. ericy

    ericy Well-Known Member

    Yeah, both had been reset to 100% - I was sort of looking for that one.
  6. ericy

    ericy Well-Known Member

    Easy enough to try - I have a good voltmeter, and plenty of tools. If need be, I have a trickle charger sitting on my workbench. Now that I have had a good nights sleep, there are a couple of things I can check.
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  8. That is exactly what I would do, just tell you don't have enough range to get there. I would not run the battery down to try and get to the dealer. There is not telling how long your dealer might keep the battery at a very low SOC while trying to fix your charging problem which of course may undesirable effects on the traction battery long term.
  9. ericy

    ericy Well-Known Member

    I tried disconnecting the battery for a few minutes - made no difference. This morning the GOM said 47 miles and 17% SOC, so there is something else that isn't right. The 12V battery was reading about 12.5V when disconnected.

    So the thing is on a flatbed on the way to a dealer. I have to go through Hyundai roadside assistance, and in their infinite wisdom, sent it to a *different* dealer because it was 4 miles closer. I can track the thing on BlueLink - it is almost there.

    I must have called that other dealer 10 times this morning - it took me that many tries to get through to a human service manager (kept getting dumped to voicemail), who took down my info. So that annoyed me even further. I honestly don't expect anything to be resolved until Monday at the earliest. Fortunately we have a 2nd car, so we aren't stranded.
  10. ericy

    ericy Well-Known Member

    At the dealer now - job is done. As suspected, the BMS update didn't fully take. They claim to have tested it on a charger in their service bay. Now it depends on when my wife gets home with the car, and what kind of time we have in our schedule - it might not be until Monday before we get the thing back.

    Even once I get the car back - it is currently at 18%SOC - not enough to get home. There is a DCFC 10 miles from the dealer. Worst case - I have to stop there for 15 minutes. I have been kind of poking at ChargePoint stations in the area to see which ones are up and working...
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  11. I am surprised the dealer wouldn't charge it for you.
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  13. ericy

    ericy Well-Known Member

    We called them back and asked - since it won't be until Monday before we get the car, they can put it in over the weekend, and even if all they have is a granny cable, it would get a pretty decent charge.
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  14. I'm surprised they didn't test it the first time it got updated:rolleyes: hopefully a one off
  15. ericy

    ericy Well-Known Member

    That was really the core issue. There probably were steps in the procedure to validate that the update was complete, and they probably skipped them. Now this was a different dealer than the one that screwed it up - it was Hyundai road assistance that picked this one as they always prefer the closest one, and the one we used today was 4 miles closer.

    One other thing that people may not be aware of. Due to Covid, they aren't letting people ride with the tow truck. You have to arrange your own transportation to wherever it is that they take the car.

    The other thing I can do is check with BlueLink to see the current SOC. In *theory* tomorrow it should be on the charger, and I can see that they did what they claim they are going to do, and verify that it works. Even if I get a good charge, I might be tempted to stop at a DCFC on the way home, and verify that that still works as well.

    My wife always says that I am too cynical - that I almost expect people to screw something up. For example, I am reluctant to start doing complicated remodeling projects, because I expect people to screw up, and then I have to drop everything and figure out what needs to be done. I would rather sit back and relax with a beer in my hand. But sometimes people exceed expectations and do a decent job - that usually comes as a surprise to me. But once we have found people that return phone calls, do good work, and don't try and rip us off, I don't mind starting major projects.
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  16. You sound like me. I am typically disappointed with most "professionals" work ethic. Its gotten to the point that I pretty much feel if I want it done properly I have to do it myself no matter the project. Alas, there is just not enough hours in the day to do everyone else's work :) .
  17. It can be difficult, unless you happen to work in the trades, for the average person to find a conscientious trades person who doesn't try to retire after every job. But in all fairness,there are some still out there... you may just have to wait a little longer to get the job done.
  18. Despite the scare it seems the issue was resolved promptly.
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  19. More or less confirms my theory to have any updates done separate from any other service work done to avoid any confusion as to the cause of any issues that may follow.
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  20. My dealer hasn't contacted me about the update yet but I can't escape it for long with the 2nd service due in Oct. My car is running perfectly right now and I'm nervous about what they might do since there are not a lot locally for them to practice on.
  21. ericy

    ericy Well-Known Member

    That did help - I could tell him that literally the only change on Friday was the BMS update, and it worked fine before that. So they had a pretty good idea where to start looking.

    Yeah, it was just super annoying. Fortunately I was home and had no need for the car for the next couple of days. And they send the flatbed (which is how all tow trucks should be these days). The tow truck driver even drove the thing up onto the truck - didn't need to use the cable to pull it up, so even less chance of damaging something.

    People talk about wanting updates over the air like Tesla does and while I see the convenience of it, when things go wrong it gets even harder to resolve. I suppose you have to design all of the modules to be a whole lot more fault-tolerant during updates before you can even contemplate such a thing.

    Our problem is that we live in a tourist area with lots of 2nd homes. The tradespeople are incredibly busy during the summer, and that's when it is tough to get them to even return phone calls. In the winter, they are far easier to find. So if we can, we try and schedule things starting in the Oct timeframe. That being said there are tons of new houses being built in the area, and that sucks up tradespeople like crazy, leaving far fewer for normal stuff.
  22. Gjpzee

    Gjpzee Member

    Took my car for the software update on Tuesday. They performed the update and told me all was good. When I went to pick the car it gave me an "ev system error" when I started it. Unbelievable that they did not see that error or they ignored it and told me all was good. They retried the update but still the same error. The car wouldn't charge either. They then told me hyundai told them to replace some control unit but they had to order the part. I left the car there and on Friday they replaced the part and redid the update but same error. They then said per hyundai, they need to replace the EV battery and that would take another 1 to 2 weeks. They gave me a rental till then. I just have a feeling they have no idea whats going on and just trying different things. Crazy!
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  23. Gjpzee

    Gjpzee Member

    On another note, I had told them to check out the clicking sound issue and they gave me some crap about it being due to the reduction gear doing its work. Oh well. I'll try another dealer once they "hopefully" fix the battery issue.

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