BlueLink joy (and problems)

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by SkookumPete, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. Are you talking about the US version? I can't seem to find any of what you're mentioning.

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  2. KonaTom

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    I have the canadian version, its a small arrow triangle to the right of the favourite list in the climate menu
  3. We don't have that in the US version. There is nothing about favorites here.

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  4. After 6 months and the patience of Job I think it's safe to say that Blue Link is garbage. Not even hot garbage just lukewarm, fly swarmed, run of the mill trash. It's slow, glitchy, incorrect more often than not. The monthly reports and their stupid thousand percent numbers and weirdly cropped windows unfixed for months. Terrible. And they hope to charge us for this in five years? Well, maybe by then my BlueLink will actually connect with my car. Maybe. The little circle thingy is still grinding away...
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  5. Despite it being horribly slow, it works great for me. But that might just be because I'm in a big city with good cell reception.

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  6. I have yet to figure out why it says my doors are unlocked even though I know it is not true, among other smaller issues. Refresh doesn't change, re-locking via app does:rolleyes:
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  7. That is weird. I know mine works because I tested it at the car wash. It showed me when the guy opened the door for vacuuming. I refreshed, of course.

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  8. There was a recent app update. I just tried mine (phone) now, and it works fine. I more often use the desktop link, though.
  9. Ya, I got a notification about the update yesterday. I get the feeling that it was some sort of emergency update because I have auto update and this one was more pushed. I don't notice any performance improvements.
  10. Yeah, it is not fast, but does the job. I don't use it very often, so doesn't matter to me. I assume the response delays are in the networks used.
  11. I would think so too. It's probably their servers are slow because even the sign-in process takes forever.

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  12. It's so slow that it is less frustrating for me to just get dressed, walk out to the car and return. It takes less time than the login and updates do. It constantly reports my car is not plugged in even as I can look out my window and see it charging.
  13. You need to refresh it after you sign in, as it seems to take the previous state/status of the car.
  14. Thanks. Been there. Done that. Nope, it just makes stuff up. Random range, incorrect plug status, door(s) unlocked when not. And all doled out at excruciatingly slow speed. And I'm operating on high feed wifi too. Like I said, garbage.
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  15. Sorry, I can't remember: are you US or Canada user? It seems my US version works pretty good and I know the Canadian version is completely different.

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  16. I'm Canadian.
  17. That's strange. I just tried mine again right now, and it worked perfectly. Of course had to do the refresh after the status check. But everything displayed was correct. Seemed pretty fast this time, too. I am in BC, if that makes a difference.
  18. Once I "lock" the doors via remote services, than it seems to work correctly.
  19. SkookumPete

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    I think they just notified you just because they can.

    Other than the wacky percentages, the app has always been square with me.
  20. KonaTom

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    I just tried a door lock using BlueLink and I think it was much faster than before the latest update.

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