Bluelink down in Canada?

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by VanGoghsEar, Jul 29, 2019.

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  1. VanGoghsEar

    VanGoghsEar Member

    The app and web portal has not been able to connect to my Kona since Friday July 26. Anyone else have this problem?

    In car it shows the modem status as:
    Network State: No Service
    Network Mode: No Service
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  3. Hi,
    Mine is working correctly. I'm in Montreal.
  4. VanGoghsEar

    VanGoghsEar Member

    Thanks. I'm in the GTA.
  5. KonaTom

    KonaTom Well-Known Member

    Mine is working. In BC
  6. Ontario here. Works fine... well, normally.
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  8. VanGoghsEar

    VanGoghsEar Member

  9. FWIW I just locked my doors and received an e-mail right away successfully
  10. XtsKonaTrooper

    XtsKonaTrooper Active Member

  11. VanGoghsEar

    VanGoghsEar Member

    My guess is the (4) is a flag that denotes the subscription level.
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  13. VanGoghsEar

    VanGoghsEar Member

    Bluelink link support got back to me today with instructions on how to reset the head unit including the LTE modem.

    From Bluelink support:

    In order to fix it, we can try a head unit reset. Please be advised that doing it might delete your saved information like your favorites places. Here are the steps to follow (FYI, I did not lose any presets or saved map locations) :
    1. Take a paperclip
    2. Go inside your vehicle (please, make sure you are in an area with good cell and data reception)
    3. Start your vehicle
    4. Next to the volume button, you should have a tiny hole - insert the paperclip and push the button for few seconds
    5. Your screen is going to shut down and restart
    6. Once the head unit reset is done, please contact us back so we can perform the override of your account.
    Post-reset the modem status shows connected and I have remote access via the app is again working as it should. No need to override the account on their end.

    The reset button was staring at me the entire time but I did not cross my mind even once to see if it would reset the modem. I hope this nugget helps others with the same problem.

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  14. Totally forgot about that reset button, glad it worked for you. Should have no fear now if mine does the same. Does the Media info screen show different than this picture you posted? (new photo would be awesome):
  15. XtsKonaTrooper

    XtsKonaTrooper Active Member

    I thought, the reset button was the microphone.
    So my question is, where is microphone?
  16. Benny

    Benny New Member

    In the middle, underneath where the climate control buttons are located.
    I just picked up my Kona EV yesterday and that's what my sales consultant told me.
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