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Discussion in 'Hyundai/Kia' started by Ray C, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. Ray C

    Ray C New Member

    Got delivery of 2020 Kona in late Dec, merry Christmas. BlueLink app really quite useless. Takes forever to access, then only works some of the time! Sent help email, never get a response, can’t remote start. Sure wish someone would develop a better app.

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  2. Congrats on your new car. Curious, what is the monthly charge if any? Kia Access is free the first year, then an absurd $22.50 a month, which I will not pay. I think we will still be able to see the vehicle but various other features, including remote climate control start, will go away.

    I do not get the pricing structure. I would happily pay maybe $3-$5 a month, even from day 1, though I get making it free for a few months to hook people might make marketing sense. Seems at that price point, $270 a year, just so I can not have to actually go out to the car and turn it on to pre warm it, is utter silliness for the 99%. They must have done some price/revenue curve marketing analysis, but it feels like they really blew it.
  3. Ray C

    Ray C New Member

    Yes, it is free with the new car. Like you, I will not pay $270 a year for a minimal app once the free service goes away. Our only hope is that someone can develop an app that will replace the BlueLink.

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  4. I doubt anyone can "just" develop an app, dinner the app needs to communicate with the Hyundai servers that talk to your car. That is their thing and nobody can (or should be/nothing is 100% secure) able to get in their systems.

    However, despite being kind of slow, the app works great for me. All functions working properly.
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  5. Gsbrryprk8

    Gsbrryprk8 Member

    I’m in the US, use an iPhone, and have avoided updating to the newest version (4.2.11) after reading all the complaints. Version 4.2.8 works well enough for me.

    While I use it to preheat the car on cold mornings, I have no intention of paying for this app at those prices for this tiny luxury once the free period passes. $1-2/mo maybe, but $20+/month?!? Seriously? Ridiculous.

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