Black Rock trying to oust Musk again this time through Gene Munster?

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Sep 10, 2018.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    1. CNBC via Gene Munster calling for Musk's essential ouster (Its CNBC)

    2. Gene went from a fan to this- what kind of twisting produces this type of change- they tried to soften it to a demotion to seem more reasonable but they know its the same as ouster- and its a panic on their part for some curious reason.

    3 Then we see they recommend some board members to babysit Musk and dilute the pro
    Tesla mission people with people who would presumably sabotage for petrol and right in the
    center of the list we Susan Wagner the Black Rock head.

    4. The article actually lists Black Rock's prior failed attempt at ousting Musk.

    5. The article is hysterical sky is falling BS (at this point) that Tesla has to do this immediately or it will be immediately destroyed and again from the list of saviors right in the middle is Wagner from the Apple board as if that makes it ok.

    So what has got Black Rock so scared? Guessing it was yesterday's realization that Musk just checked the box on his huge promise when Tesla outsold on a revenue basis the largest ICE maker in the world on their highest volume vehicle in their toughest market the US- yep, Model 3 brought in about 30% more revenue in the US last month than Camry.
    That alone presumably had Forbes doing one of the stupidest most pure panic most dishonest articles ever done in Forbes with the title saying: Teslas and Electric cars do not reduce oil and natural gas consumption. At the same time was an article by Brook Crothers saying the Model 3 revolution is real.

    And to make it even better Brown signed SB100 today locking CA into 100% carbon free generation by 2045 but 60% 2030 with expected accelerations in the interim. Part of the analysis of that bill was that transport would be more difficult to address- but guess not with Tesla making progress.

    Again so why would Black Rock with 5 plus trillion in assets under management be in such a panic? Probably because a huge amount of that is derivative backed petrol junk that will utterly implode if Tesla is successful.

    And if we look at the claims they may have been making through Munster as a proxy it was that 13 execs moved on. Guessing that during the crisis things got tough and people couldn't handle it but notice not many that had been with company for long left. Only one that may have been more regrettable may have been Doug Field with his leaving back to Apple. And the notion that they are going to competitors is for obvious reasons- competitors Waymo and the Chinese aside are clueless. Which speaks to their other claim: competition is coming. Yeah right, lets see how big the funk is in the Taycan.

    Saw a put down article today by Road Show saying the MP3 didn't turn as well as M3 or have the same quality interior as Audi and that crazily it was behind on media- all nonsense, guessing the MP3 will stomp the M3 and Audi at the track as its already doing in sales. If people buy a lot more of the vehicle for the same price or higher its because its better vehicle and this applies to the MP3 versus the Germans- Tesla had no trouble stuffing them on their highest end most technically advanced products for the better part of a decade now, it won't have a problem here and as Elon said it will out perform them and be the best car you can buy for the money- which looks like its holding across the model range. Oh- forgot they also criticized the MP3's looks, but the styling is at least fresher than the BMW and Audi's styling isn't that great.

    In general it looks like domination by Model 3 sales is being suppressed in the mainstream media with articles instead reading nonsense like "the shorts are in control," even so the stock rose 8% today and toward the end of the day this panic article came from Munster.
    Short burn of the century part II coming soon.

    If you look at what they are whining about- Shorts- honestly F. these criminal hypocrites, do it again as hard and as soon as possible, the joint- so what legal in CA and not on the job 24hrs a day and the gal with the issue that got termed was presumably was intoxicated on the plant floor, as for wholesome Airforce- get real its a killing force with a history like dropping bombs on Cambodia and as for the pedo guy with SEAL's in the background- could well be as Musk claimed, again Musk isn't at work all the time and when he is he is trying to save the world and when he isn't he's often trying to save the world or actually getting dirty working side by side with blue collar workers on an assembly line. Black Rock may be in part pissed because taking Tesla private could have helped boot them and their malignant influence. Can share holders vote to divest them and bar further purchases from them?

    A lot of this open letter crap and even some of the terminology is an attempt to link Musk to Trump with erratic blah, blah, blah. For Trump fine, but not Musk. The open letter is supposed to be like the Trump anonymous Trump expose- seems like it might be some of the same people- but they are petrol drenched.
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  3. gooki

    gooki Well-Known Member

    That was a great rant. Thanks for sharing, and shame on those holding back progress.
  4. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    A primer on the black rock, black stone group type stuff. Notice the way the CEO of Black Rock dresses

    Its slightly esoteric but just look at the pictures and then look at the Kabba stone rock, notice the author separates out the religion but notice the impact of these black rocks everywhere (Kabba corner stone just the most famous)
  5. dGarry48

    dGarry48 Member

    You got some points there. People can't really do the full potential with others in power having different ideas.
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