Bigger Rear Sway Bar

Discussion in 'Cooper SE' started by Luis Hoffer, Sep 24, 2021.

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  1. Luis Hoffer

    Luis Hoffer Member

    Curious if anyone has done any research regarding reducing understeer on the Mini. Driving it 7.5/10ths the understeer pops in. Anyone pursuing a stiffer rear sway bar to add bit more neutrality for a touch more rotation? Thanks in advance.
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  3. Carsten Haase

    Carsten Haase Well-Known Member

    I don't have an answer but am also interested in reducing understeer!

    Based on previous experience with my Miata, factory alignment is biased towards understeer intentionally for legal/safety reasons. Adjusting that alignment can completely change the handling balance and often make more of a difference than stiffer sway bars (and doesn't compromise ride quality)

    There were a couple of Miata focused companies who tested and published recommended alignment numbers for street, autocross, track, or mixed use but I haven't seen anything similar for the F56 chassis.

    Anyone know what adjustments there are from the factory? My Miata had independent toe, camber, and caster both front and rear so I was a bit spoiled. I think the F56 only has toe in the front and probably toe and camber in the rear? (I see some eccentric bushings)
  4. Jim In Tucson

    Jim In Tucson Well-Known Member

    I had the “Lanny” alignment on my NB FM2 Miata for years. I’ve been looking for any performance alignment specs I could find for the F56 since I picked up the car. So far no luck.

    Apparently the MINI enthusiast community believes the factory alignment specs simply can’t be improved upon. If you do find anything else, please post it up.

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  5. The Dark Side

    The Dark Side New Member

    either increase rear stiffness (sway bar easiest) or add front negative camber....
    (amateur BMW M3 racer here)
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  6. The Dark Side

    The Dark Side New Member

    you can also play with front vs rear tire pressures.
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  8. Tommm

    Tommm Well-Known Member

    I have -1.5 on my 128 (koni sports and M3 control arms) and -2.5 on my Cayman (GT3 control arms, stock PASM). There isnt enough on the Cayman for the track, and too much for the street, and inside edge tire wear. The 128 seems to have a nice balance. I'm not sure what the factory spec was. I would add half a degree of negative and see what happens. I know there are other factors, but start there and see how it feels.

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