Big auto to spend 50 billion $$ a year licensing Tesla Tech?

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    Could the global automotive industry spend 50 billion a year for the next 5-10 years licensing Tesla's tech that wasn't open sourced? That could include Ford (its Mustang Mach E and new F150 appear quite plausibly to based on Tesla tech) and FCA (which already buy credits) and VW (actually not redundant,) Honda and BMW. BMW may resent Tesla but the Model 3P is a better car than its M5 for half the cost (someone saying they got the Model 3 not only under 3 seconds 0-60 but now down to 2.8 seconds.) Entering into tech sharing agreements with Tesla is cheaper for these companies and Tesla is a better research asset then internal resources. Seem Galileo Russel (hyperchange) is already thinking this and there is evidence this already happening. Russell thinks the machine that builds the machine as demonstrated by the giga-factory and the familiar silicon valley tech sharing arrangement supports as do various other hints and clues. I think Tesla having a real presence at the LA auto show for the first time supports this. I think the auto makers look around at and see the regulatory environment and see Venice underwater (and the price of the solution that would have kept the water out being 95% complete in 2013 but then getting delayed to 2018 (oops) and then now catastrophically to 2022) and they don't want to go that way.

    Think of all the times when Lutz would say Tesla has no secret sauce and no patents etc.

    But I think this idea where they license this tech in the face of electronic autonomy means they think their revenues won't drop in the face of us needing 10x-18x less vehicles on the roads and parking lots opening up. It is as if they think they will have the average American still paying 12K per year on cars. That can't happen someone will always sell them an autonomous car at cost- could be BYD, there is no way to collude to keep those costs high and the industries idiot habit of trying jobs and people as human shields and the moronic talk about 'job- wage slave' creators won't work either.

    That isn't going to happen because too many people already pay less than 3K per year on cars. And they aren't going to make it up by trying to force feed people ads or brainwashing content or other idiocy while on commutes in self driving subscription vehicles. Maybe they think they will be able to eat the subsidies of the rest of the dying and defunct fossil fuel industry? I don't think that works either. Too big to fail was just a delaying tactic.

    There is so much delusion going on with the fossil fuel industry of which the auto industry has been part of its retail chain. Lets recap a bit. Despite massive subsidies and the fossil fuel bailouts known as Enron and Iraq II and Afghanistan the fossil fuel industry even under Bush II (the most pro fossil fuel admin by far up to that point) their insurance on bad debt which covered permanently economically stranded fossil fuel assets where insuring those bad debts is known as derivatives which were holding mortgages hostage with stupid variable rate home loans encouraged by Greenspan collapsed and and beyond Enron and those two incredibly stupid wars and then 911 fraud that made them possible and being allowed to steal Iraq's oil they sill went bankrupt and needed a 20 trillion dollar bailout known as TAARP. Fast forward 8 years and the same idiot culprits are failing again, mid west shale was collapsing causing midwest US banks to warn of bankruptcy (even under Dodd Frank which allows them to borrow secretly without limit and under continuing secret energy policy and secret budgeting under sequestration.)

    Deutsche bank was (and still is) said to be on the verge of collapse over fossil fuel derivatives ( again almost all derivatives are insurance on bad debt fossil fuel liabilities that are permanently economically stranded.) So to bail out the austerity inducing fossil fuel industry yet again (to save that fraudulent part of the non-economy the fraud that is too big to fail) they bring in Trump because the 'energy' industry is in shambles (of course it is) but he too his caught up with Deutsche bank (Biden and Hillary are tied to shale too) and he idiotically pulls out of Paris and makes the Exxon CEO secretary of state and attempts to roll back environmental standards. But he get caught in scandal after scandal with so many of the people around him getting locked and him about to be impeached. And under Trump Saudi Arabia tries to sell off all its fossil fuel assets because they don't see the future in it because for instance super tankers now only make half their transoceanic journeys full where before they were full both ways and the biggest coal company just went bankrupt (Murray) and coal in general is collapsing permanently and the biggest sole Natural gas company Chesepeak is going bankrupt and fracking just got halted in the UK and banned permanently in the UK and fracking is collapsing permanently because it was always a pure welfare case but even with massive subsidies and tariffs to help its at least 6x more expensive than renewables and will only get ever more expensive against competitors that get ever cheaper (battery backed solar in US now at 1.1cents a kwh without subsidies) and natural gas is too unreliable. But under Dodd-Frank hostage taking this kind of stuff if it collapses again is supposed to give us Cypress style bail-ins. We also have Sanders saying fossil fuel executives are criminals and in effect he will prosecute them. But despite all this we have articles in sponsored (bribery based) media saying that a natural gas boom has lead to a plastics boom, when neither boom has happened but Trump has added a TAARPs worth of debt a lot of it surely bailing out fossil fuels for the millionth unnecessary time. Also an article saying that fracking industry is not afraid of Tesla because vehicles only account for 1/4 of the global energy use and natural gas has been gaining faster than renewables and will continue to do so.

    But lets put this in perspective. If a municipality signs a contract with a so called energy company that binds a jurisdiction to 6 cents a kwh natural gas when the competitor renewable is 1.1cents a kwh then really the politicians in the municipality responsible for that fraudulent contract need to be imprison and they need to pay personally for the financial damage to the jurisdiction and the natural gas company should be made to return all the monies it received under the fraudulent contract made to pay for dismantling
    and carting off its polluting plant property and its officers should also go to prison for defrauding the public.

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