best vacations?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Rob Lay, Oct 4, 2017.

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  1. Rob Lay

    Rob Lay Administrator Staff Member

    I haven't been a ton of places, but my favorites are anything Pacific Ocean up from Central America around including Hawaii. I need to try the west (Asia) side. Australia always great couple times I've been.

    Europe great for history, not so great everywhere for quiet beaches and sun. :)

    Hard to travel far when so many great places just in United States. I always have fun in NYC so much culture and things to do.
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  3. KosherGirl

    KosherGirl New Member

    Being that I live in Florida and get plenty of palm trees and sunshine, I cannot wait to go to ALASKA! Pictures of the Alaskan nature are stunning! I think doing a cruise is an efficient and fun way to go!
  4. Jack

    Jack Administrator

    I had a 23 hour layover in Cork, Ireland and I really liked it. Very quiet, very friendly, inexpensive. It was at the end of a trip, so I loved the peace, but may not be for those that like more busy/active vacations (although there is plenty to do). Their mcdonalds has angus beef since it is native there, didn't try it but thought it was interesting. I actually had very good italian food there. Pubs are exactly what you expect, especially on the weekends. Busy with lots of live music, all ages but mostly middle aged. Tried Jameson for fun, doesn't taste any better;)
  5. KosherGirl

    KosherGirl New Member

    I recently went to Aruba and had an amazing time "snorkeling" with a SeaBob! Now, I only want to go to resorts where I can rent one of these for a day in the water lol We swam a foot away from sea turtles! And the best part is they are not harmful to the environment, they are electric :)

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  6. Rob Lay

    Rob Lay Administrator Staff Member

    that's cool, never tried that before, but looks like a blast!
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  8. Rob Lay

    Rob Lay Administrator Staff Member

    Here are couple Costa Rica pics. We loved it. Resort was great, beaches great, and had great fishing. Trip from airport and around town definitely 3rd world. The roads and driving there will scare the heck out of you.


  9. Jack

    Jack Administrator

    I went there on a mission trip years ago, and it took 2 hours to go 30miles because of how narrow and winding and muddy the roads are. Had to take turns with oncoming traffic a lot, and most roads were basically on cliffs with many homes below. Inches from disaster at all times.

    That being said, I absolutely loved my time there. The mountainous rainforest is gorgeous, and I love rain/clouds so it was cool to watch the tropical storms move across the land.
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  10. If you are an avid outdoor adventurer, I heartily recommend Iceland. I've been there twice in the last few years and it is amazing.

    IMG_5268 edit.jpg IMG_5245 edit.jpg Horseback Riding 20 FB.jpg IMGP4949 FB Small.jpg
    PK500495 copy.jpg
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  11. XYZ

    XYZ New Member

    This is really amazing picture, I have never tried this, but I will.
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  13. Rob Lay

    Rob Lay Administrator Staff Member

    Ok, now to continue the theme of beaches with offshore fishing opportunities we had a good Christmas trip in Mazatlan, Mexico. United States says not safe to travel there, but we found it safe. There is just risk you can get kidnapped for ransom or stuck between cartel and police gun battle. We rented a home in El Cid that was so nice for the cost and security great. One day did spot a couple military transports loaded with machine gun holding soldiers coming into El Cid maybe for a raid.

    The food was awesome, beach pretty nice, fished a day most famous bass lake El Salto, and then fished day offshore catching a Striped Marlin.



  14. Rob Lay

    Rob Lay Administrator Staff Member

    We had never been to Hawaii before. After researching we received advice best to concentrate on single island unless you do an island hoping cruise. We decided to focus on Oahu first time to mix history, fishing, and beaches. We had a great time.

    IMG_4084.JPG IMG_4133.JPG IMG_4215.JPG IMG_4291.JPG

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