Best RFID charge card for British Columbia

Discussion in 'General' started by ElectroDad, Oct 11, 2021.

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  1. We are located on Vancouver Island in Nanaimo and just bought a Niro EV. I do not use a smart phone so I'll need an RFID card. I'm trying to figure out the charger network landscape in BC and wonder if anyone can help me by passing along what they have learned.
    1. Is there a card that will cover all the charge networks?
    2. If not, what is the best card or cards to get and what networks will they cover?
    3. The RFID card from BC hydro costs $15 which seems ridiculously high for just an RFID card. Does it come with a $15 credit on it or is this just for the card?
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  3. I have 3
    BC Hydro $10 cost applied to account charging credit
    Same with Flo
    One I use most is ChargePoint, same initial cost, rolled over as a charging credit.
    I have had the last 2 for 9 years, the BC Hydro one I got when they started to offer them about 2 years ago, they may have changed the credit procedures- contact them to find out.
    Depends on how much DC charging you require, Petro Canada (could be free for a while with a RBC card):
    Electrify Canada needs an app or credit card.
    If you do mostly AC charging, Flo and Chargepoint are good enough for most applications, they are interchangeable in most situations, I just carry 3 in case of network failure from one of them.
    I also have no app or smart phone (thought I was the only one)/ no problem:)
    BTW enjoy your new EV.
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