Best price on a new Leaf SL or SL Plus?

Discussion in 'LEAF' started by JJ2, Apr 3, 2019.

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  1. JJ2

    JJ2 Member

    We bought our 2015 in the next state over. I'd like to buy a 2018, or maybe either 2019 SL model - in any state. I see people posting about deals in Denver?
    If anyone has purchased one recently, for a good price, please let me know. I'll have it shipped to GA, if necessary. (it was an adventure driving our home, 140 miles, with my wife behind me. We stopped at both Nissan dealers in between. We had lunch at the first charge, and read the manual for the 15min top-up, to get home).
    Stupid GA got rid of their $5000 rebate, just before we bought. I've read of others posting $5000 off the new car price. We don't really NEED the 226mi version, and it's a lot more! It's just a commuter car for my wife. 150mi will be better. I'm not sure if the 3+ is worth the price.
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  3. pmmrkm

    pmmrkm New Member

    I am curious too. I have 2018

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  4. JJ2

    JJ2 Member

    I guess you leased your 2018? Our 2015 is still 'brand new', with all the capacity bars. We'll lose some money, but we want the Pro-drive. Someone will get a good car, when we sell it. What part of the country are you in?
  5. pmmrkm

    pmmrkm New Member

    Bought as I was getting $6000 off MSRP and tax credit.

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  6. JJ2

    JJ2 Member

    That sounds like a good deal. Was this the 2018, or the 2019? 40kwh, or 62? Where did you get it at?
    Maybe this is a normal discount? I didn't talk prices at the place I went to in Atlanta. I'd buy today, for $6000 off!
    I may wind up buying a 2018. But it's hard to find a used SL. That's why we had to go to Alabama, to find one. We bought it online. So easy, and it was in great shape.
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  8. pmmrkm

    pmmrkm New Member

    2018 bought it last summer. 40kwh. Out the door was 31500 in NJ. As we don't have sales tax.

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  9. JJ2

    JJ2 Member

    Thanks. I'd pump my own gas for no sales tax!

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