Best home Level 2 charger EVSE (imo), for Kona Electric for discounted sale

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by 1st-KonaEV-in-FL, Sep 30, 2021.

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  1. Made in USA, Enelx JuiceBox Pro32 EVSE LEVEL 2 Charger. We found this to be perfect for the fastest level 2 charging for our Kona EV it matches the 7.7Kw that the Ko
    Screenshot_20210930-121826_Chrome.jpg .this charger is currently out of stock, probably due to the chip shortages.
    If you could find it, retails for $600+
    We can offer our slightly used system for $300.00 $us plus shipping, weight 20lb.
    Is still in original box, with holster mount, booklet,
    20210401_083936.jpg l

    Read extensive information below:
    JuiceBox 32 is a Level 2 smart home charging station with the essential features and power you need to charge your EV. It is ideally suited for homes, condominiums, and residences with electrical systems limited to 40 amps.

    Built on the universal J1772 charging standard, JuiceBox 32 can charge up all electric vehicles on the market, including Teslas via a common adapter.

    Up to 6x Faster Charging
    Spend less time waiting for your EV to charge and more time enjoying the drive.
    WiFi Connectivity
    Monitor and schedule charging with intuitive JuiceNet mobile app & web portal.
    Convenient & Stylish Design
    Dynamic LED lights display WiFi connectivity and charging behavior.
    Smart Grid Savings
    Schedule your charging times when rates are lower — making your electric vehicle even cheaper to drive. Qualifies for many local utility rebates and incentives.
    Get notified when your car is fully charged, set up a daily charging routine, or simply ask JuiceNet to remind you to plug in when life gets too busy.
    Easy to Use and Install
    Quick-release mounting bracket and built-in cable management make set up and daily charging a breeze.
    Voice Control
    Monitor, manage, and control your charger via voice commands on Amazon Echo / Alexa and Google Home.
    Universal Compatibility
    SAE-J1772™ connector ensures compatibility with all EVs on the market today and in the future, including Teslas with a commonly used adapter.
    Cleaner Driving
    Optimize charging times and participate in smart grid programs to reduce emissions
    ENERGY STAR®-certified
    Drive even greener with JuiceNet Green’s Automated Emissions Reductions
    Earn Cash for Smart Charging
    Participate in the JuicePoints program to get paid for charging your EV.
    Flexible Installation
    JuiceBox 32 is available with two installation options: a 240V plug (NEMA 14-50

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