BC Energy Plan

Discussion in 'Energy' started by R P, Oct 1, 2021.

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  1. BC Hydro just published their latest plan to convert more users to electricity. With the Site C dam coming online in a couple years, we are going to have a large excess of hydro power. So they are flogging it hard.
    What was missing is any plan for off-peak savings or reduced rates for EV charging at home. And trying to get users here to switch heating from nat gas to electricity won't be easy. We only heat our house from Oct through Apr, and our nat gas costs are very low. Electricity costs are much higher every month, and get stupidly high in summer with A/C.

    But it sure is a contrast to our southern neighbours in the US, where they could be facing major electricity grid challenges over the next few years, and continued reliance on fossil fuels.
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