Battery Life when regularly using an L2 charger

Discussion in 'General' started by saltorio, Aug 15, 2019.

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  1. saltorio

    saltorio New Member

    I just got a Honda Clarity, and will be getting a FLO X5 level 2 charger installed on Monday (through a local incentive program). In talking with one of her co-workers who owns an EV, my wife says that he told her that regularly using a "fast charger" can deplete the battery life of the car.

    He also mentioned using a timer/app to regulate charging time so as not to "over-charge" the car as that will also reduce battery life.

    Both of these concerns seem odd to me based on knowledge of modern smartphones, and the technology they employ to regulate and limit overcharging and maintain battery life. I'd assume a modern EV would have similar tech,.

    Is there any truth to either of these concerns? Is an L2 charger considered a "fast charger" (I would think that would be more like an L3)?
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  3. DucRider

    DucRider Well-Known Member

    L2 is not "Fast Charging", is well below 1C, and poses no threat to battery longevity.

    The charger (built into the car) will not over charge the battery. No current flows to the car once charging is complete, so no danger of "over charging". Keeping it plugged in when charging is complete is usually recommended as it allows for pre-conditioning from wall power.
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  4. DaleL

    DaleL Active Member

    The Clarity battery has a 100,000 mile, 8 year warranty. The battery system has active cooling, while charging, to prevent overheating. I've owned my Clarity for over a year, 15,000+ miles, and have charged the battery almost daily using a level 2 charger. I have not noticed any reduction in electric range.
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