Battery charging doesn’t stop on 240 V

Discussion in 'Honda' started by Josee, Apr 1, 2020.

  1. Josee

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    I just received my 2020 Clarity at the end of February. I use 120 V at my place (where I charge it most of the time) but use 240 V ,about once a week, at work. Last week I was surprised to see my car had been charging for 7:00 non-stop, but Honda link showed that the battery level was 99%. I plugged it on 120 V back home and the battery was full in 15 minutes. This morning again, on a new 240 V charger, the app said the battery was at 99% after 2:00, but was still charging 1 hour later, still showing 99%. I tried again with the 120v charger at home, and it stopped 2 minutes later. It seems the battery doesn’t reach 100% under 240V, and just keeps on charging forever. Will it damage the battery? Is anybody else having this problem?
  2. DucRider

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    The app has a known bug that shows 99% when fully charged.

    Are you relying only on the app to determine if the car is still charging? Or are there indicator lights showing active charging?
  3. Josee

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    Yes the indicator lights stays on and the the public charger app shows still charging and it gets really expensive to charge if cannot go unplug the charger..
  4. DucRider

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    A trip to the dealer in order as this is not normal behavior.

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