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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by MrFixit, Sep 15, 2023.

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    The EV Range of an electric vehicle is of great importance to every owner. One of the most important factors that affects range is the capacity of the HV battery. This battery capacity is constantly monitored by the vehicle itself and we have validated several ways that you can read this capacity yourself. Through the reach of this forum, we have many members who participate in regularly sharing their battery capacity values and this allows us to observe and monitor important trends over time and many miles.

    • If you would like to be able to read your battery capacity yourself, there are 3 primary ways you can do it. You can find detailed instructions here:

    3 different ways to obtain your Battery Capacity

    • If you would like to share your capacity readings (or if you would just like to view the trends we have been seeing), there is a spreadsheet here where everyone has been entering their data. The spreadsheet has a variety of different plots that can be viewed.

    Spreadsheet shared by members to report your results and examine some plots

    • Also, a forum member operates a page containing a comprehensive statistical view of all of our collected data. It has 3 pages of excellent graphs to visualize trends.

    Comprehensive statistical visualization of battery capacity data

    • Finally, this was a process that developed slowly over time. There are 3 different threads on the forum related to the methods used to obtain the readings. These threads are very cluttered at this point, but if you are a glutton for punishment and would like to see the many bloody historical details, you can find the original threads here:

    Read Battery Capacity Yourself (Autel AP200 Breakthrough)
    Budget Battery Capacity Readout
    PC-based Electric Powertrain Report (Battery Capacity)
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