Backup and passenger side cameras both stopped working

Discussion in 'Honda' started by ozy, Mar 16, 2020.

  1. ozy

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    I noticed that both the backup and passenger-side cameras stopped working today. Instead of an image I just see a purple screen. Anyone have any idea as to why that's happening? The car was exposed to a little rain over the last few days but nothing else unusual. I wiped off the rear camera but still no image at all.
  2. craze1cars

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    Have you rebooted the tablet?
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  3. ozy

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    Too bad that you don't work for my local Honda dealer. I called them up to describe the problem and asked if they had a simple fix. They told me that there was no simple fix and I needed to bring the car in. I then tried a simple reboot of the console and it began working again. I don't know if they're simply incompetent or unethical. After studying this problem online it became apparent to me that this is a very simple fix that they should have been able to help me with on the phone.
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  4. craze1cars

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    Most dealers are indeed at times incompetent. I’ve always said it and always will. Dealerships rarely obtain and retain the top mechanics and service advisors...too many levels and too much corporate BS. The best get fed up and go independent. I was in the industry and saw it many times. So indeed dealers can often screw up simple stuff like this and tick off their customers.

    Every Honda I have owned with a tablet has needed reboots on a regular basis. Started with my 2016 Civic. It’s not a Clarity thing. All the tablets in all their cars are archaic garbage and have glitchy firmware and software. Like your 12 year old spare computer, it just doesn’t do anything very well. Frankly it has turned me off of Honda. I won’t buy another, unless they address this ridiculous penny pinching practice. My other cars of other brands with similar tablets ALWAYS work better than my Hondas do. Faster, smoother, more intuitive, and I have NEVER rebooted a non Honda dash tablet. Never. This is a Honda exclusive thing in my experience.

    Anyway it’s just an auto pilot thing for many Honda owners. Get used to it until you sell the car. If ANYTHING on the tablet seems wonky, press and hold the power button and reboot. Don’t even need to pull over...have done it many times while buzzing down the interstate.
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    Why I rooted my "tablet" and fixed it, no more bugs, didn't care about the Honda warranty on it. If I break it, or it breaks, now I can fix it and not deal with the "dealers."

    As a note, turning on the "Memory Refresh" feature on you Infotainment system can help keep these little annoyances from cropping up (though not always) as it performs a soft reboot when you set it to, normally overnight. This should be on by default but I have heard of some people turning it off thinking it causes loss of Bluetooth features (rumor from somewhere).

    Cheers and yes, your "dealership" was unethical in that response as they are very aware of "rebooting" cars. They often do what every "tech support" call center asks if you have done... "did you try restarting your computer/router/modem/printer/etc... yet?" Dealers will disconnect the 12v batteries, count to 10, reconnect them and see if that "fixed" the problem. Some will even "short" the positive and negative power cables if "step 1" didn't work. Do not let them ever do that with your Clarity, may be fine for regular cars but not this PHEV (personal experience). If they don't know about the "reboot" option on your infotainment display I am a little surprised based on the above statement, but I would bet that is what they would have done, then billed Honda for the warranty labor. As a Clarity owner - we seem to always be in search of "clarity educated" dealers. In fact, it should be a forum sticky by State where we can report dealers that actually know what they are doing....


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