Autonomy will radically consolidate industries and markets

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Jun 2, 2018.

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  1. 101101

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    Autonomy will be bring direct conflict between what were thought of as players in different industries including traditional automakers vs big data vs logistics firms vs petrol fuel firms, vs aerospace firms vs airlines vs rail vs big box retail. Alliances will not prevent or mitigate these conflicts as it will collapse and consolidate markets. Whole markets will become redundant and collapsed into one global market as will a huge number of business models. There will be acquisitions and mergers but also bankruptcies generally of older more traditional firms.

    One the themes missing from the analysis is a problem of equivalence across so many industries that will bring so many firms from different industries into direct competition over autonomy. The bribery based US media has been focused on only the tip of the autonomy ice berg and trying to paint a narrative that autonomy is optional or can be slowed indefinitely. It is doing this because autonomy will destroy sponsors who regularly bribe it including petrol fuel/energy and regressive media and gambling addicted, loss socializing auto insurance. But when you see the convergence trend coupled with the winner-take-all aspect and the irrepressibility due to obvious risk of non-participation in autonomy of a quick uptake in at least one global market and the inevitable quick spread, you begin to understand how fast this will hit and how hard. I think it is radically underappreciated that this will hit a huge swath of industries in a way that will not allow them to simply partner or supply chain around a direct and terminal threat to their business models and business survival.

    There is one central theme to this that hasn't really be covered in censor/spin media likely because it underscores the quick inevitability and that is what seem now to be several markets are really just one and will be subject to a radically compaction that underlines the huge fraud at the heart of petrol based economies. There are several different sorts of problems that are core to different industries that turn out to be at the heart of autonomy such that autonomy will reduce those industries and their markets to being about autonomy and turn their problems into one skill or core competency.

    These are all through put problems having to do with objects moving from point to point as modified by sequence, frequency and geometry. We see this with the flow of electrons and bits through a micro processor or the data through a network or logistical or traffic throughput in a city or the flow of parts through a factory into mechanical assembly. Again, the proper routing for UPS/Amazon type logistics companies or just the flow of traffic through a city these turn out to be the same problem as autonomy. Bottlenecks are eliminated and the throughput increased. But all of this boils down to the same sort of problem as autonomy where autonomy entails both implicit aspects such as systems and software locally resident in a car/node but also more explicit aspects like re-engineering cities around autonomy. To be extremely repetitive here throughput is the same problem as the logistical flow through a city or the flow of parts through a factory. It the same problem as a robotic aid in the household using the IOT to help arrange items in your refrigerator and it is the problem that finally kills of the fake work that has helped treadmill people for the past 50 years in this fake economy. They are all the same problem. When Musk was saying something like 3% of the cost of a SpaceX rocket was materials and the rest was positioning and shaping of atoms and molecules or data it is the same sort of issue. It is a big data problem antic climactic that may seem we are on the cusp of some serious revolutions in big data, that will produce maco scale results in flow akin to super fluidity or super conductance. That recent tiff on twitter over nano make sense, it is not that there is nano there is just a meso or macro that is increasingly subject to the benefits of its quantum substrate.

    As a big data problem it may involve approaches like DWave's optimization focused Quantum computer aimed at the proper order to stack pallets or the optimal order to hit nodes in a on the fly dynamic deliver rout, but predictably it will marry deep learning as Google is doing to the Quantum computer so that the deep learning piece uses that optimization power in an iterative loop and comes up with patterns and answers to questions we haven't asked or wouldn't know how to ask without the vantage points provided by this approach for creating the shortest, fastest most efficient flows of materials and and people. These are flow problems. These are flow problems and big data is about to give us something like super flow or seemingly frictionless throughput and in the process smash the boundaries between tens of markets and put massive global competitors into sudden direct competition with each other. And again same issues such that Q compute-AI-Neural Nets are used to eliminate bottlenecks and traffic and make things flow. The factory that builds the factory and the autonomy problem turn out to be the same or at least variations on a theme. Take convoys of electric trucks, they will be linked by software but it will be as if they were mechanically linked but can dynamically unlinks. In this environment you see the huge advantage of the totally logical vertical integration Tesla had put together in its vitally cord/pump cutting brand of autonomy.

    So this will all be driven by big data and silicon valley type firms and by tighter mission focus as in the case of Tesla with the unassailable objective of saving humanity and the world. Let us be honest that is what transitioning to sustainable energy is about and it is about freeing us from the terminal in-bread slavery stupidity that drives petrol fuel energy. Whereas if you look at a company like GM, it is completely backwards and counter productive in its mission and historical orientation, its long term mission has been to make profit for petrol parasites and thereby help generate artificial scarcity. A mission driven on lies and injustice and creating inequity and disparity in society. Down to the core of their culture they cannot do any of this right. They are top down to the core. They couldn't even take the criticisms Drucker leveled at them let alone Deming and that holds post Saturn and NUMMI and post bankruptcy. No, they are there to help facilitate the fraud Musk referred to when the petrol fuel energy industry was taking (likely just for the fradulent fuel energy portion) 5.3 trillion in 2015 meaning in that year if the US is 1/4 of the global product about 1.3 trillion in US tax money of half the federal buddget went to allowing rich petrol parasites to tax everyone else with predictable results. You can see this in the US tarifs, another petrol bailout and the tax cuts- how much of that is debt which which under the undemocratic idiotic hidden sequestration process is being funneled to petrol parasites at massive detriment to the public sector and public in general? Find it funny we can't audit the Fed or by law can't audit derivatives almost all of which insure bad petrol debt? Find it funny that energy policy has to be secret in the US? This is fraud and what you do with fraud is you stop it and not claim it is too big to fail, fraud is failure. Think the reserve currency status will survive the tariffs- nope, its another useless bailout of petrol fuel energy which can't be bailout out anymore.

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  3. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member


    Traditional auto makers and auto insurance and petrol fuel energy will not survive conflict with Boeing, Google, Amazon, Samsung, LG, IBM, Apple, Tesla, Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, and all the Chinese equivalents including Ali Baba, Baidu, BYD. The petrol firms have inflated valuations based on fraud as do the insurance companies. Crazy that auto and medical insurance firms have all this money to invest in the petrol rigged stock market and they invest massively inflated underwater book value stranded asset petrol and it regularly crashes and they pass the costs along, pensions funds are doing the same. None of that crap survives this. Same with fraud/bribery based media whose core mission seems to be to cover this BS and further corrupt US politics with bribery based business model. None of this stuff is going to survive. Fraudulent media won't survive coming changes to clear net as it goes server-less. Indication of how fast this is coming is coming can be found in Google which had researched Autonomy for almost a decade by 2015 and had started its human free trials for the Waymo product in 2015 just having ordered about 10000 self-driving vehicles for deployment on roads.

    Regressive labor won't survive either. Nothing more stupid than labor aligning with petrol fuel energy when petrol fuel energy since about 1970 has been an intentional artificial scarcity inducing mechanism such that for 50 years it has equaled slavery in intent and practice. There is absolutely nothing legitimate labor could do in its twilight that is more important than helping to get rid of enslaving horridly anti-democratic petrol fuel energy as fast as humanly possible. If it wanted to help beyond that it needs to be pushing high indexed guaranteed annual incomes (they need to be in the Constitution) for everyone from birth to death and recognizing the death of capital and working to get rid of fraudulent-bribery based law corrupting censoring spinning sponsored media. Sponsorship is pure evil, no deeper conflict of interest could exist in a society. What we need is honest open search that is unsponsored and good product information- look at how Tesla does it. Tesla shows the end of sponsored media. Twitter is temporary but it shows Tesla bypassing sponsored media and its filtering and succeeding on quality, word of mouth and mission along with meaningful integration.

    Prediction that the future of transport to a large degree will be electric busses and air units like Lilium's. You can see that in Toyota's E-Pallet concept. Its plausible those will scale to a degree and be studded with doors and private compartments and carry both people and freight at the same time or to varying degrees along dynamic real time optimized routes. I suppose we can also guess that this revolution will be primarily fueled by China. Also it seems quite unlikely that there will be mineral bottlenecks. Cobalt will leave the picture and the remaining battery minerals are too abundant to play silly enclosure games with. Further, lithium as the main mineral is highly recyclable and if it follows the process of other metals, recycled lithium may improve purity while reducing the costs to 1/100th the raw mined metal so prices will drop further at the recycle yield increases. Charge infrastructure will be wireless inductive plates and road strips, but it is important that people be able to charge from panels on the roofs of their homes, we want to cut out parasite rent seeking- there should be no for profit utilities- that type of rent seeking toll road needs to be recognized as crime. No more welfare baron toll roads- that type of privatization is crime- almost all privatization is raw theft and should be prosecuted with the criminal law. It is always about taking something that should run at cost and hollowing it out and charging a premium to enrich a parasite for the destruction and then saying the service never worked to lower the tax burden on the non-contributing wealthy- its criminals that push privatization.

    Right now these obsolete industries desperately want to create fear- all they know how to do about the solutions that would free the public from their fraud and oppression. So right now they are desperately trying to link Tesla in the public's mind to being unsafe because they want the public to associate fear with leaving them and their toll roads. Look right now at the sponsored (prostitute) media misrepresenting the public interest to the public for three dying industries (might as well be coal) including auto insurance, petrol and regressive labor. Autonomy will snap the public out of denial on the phony economy, the petrol fraud and theft of their standard of living and quality of life most of the burden will be aimed at sponsor media and the related criminal ideologies and personages that pushed it. The plan to take the US back to the plantation and the resultant failure is coming to light.

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